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Official Organ 
of the 

Alumni Associatio 

of the 

Medical College 




November, 1963 
Volume 12, Number 4 



Official Organ of the 

Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia 

Published by the Alumni Association of the Medical College 

of Virginia in February. May. August, and November 

Editorial Committee 

James T. Tucker, M'27, editor-in-chief and chairman 
Russell V. Bowers, MS'37 and M'50; Charles P. Card- 
well, Jr.. vice-president, MCV. and director of hospitals; 
W. C Henderson, D'37; Ebbe C. Hoff, dean, graduate 
school; G. Wallace Hook. P'33; Dorsye Russell, N'43; 
William T. Sanger, chancellor emeritus; W. Roy Smith, 
P'41; W. T. Thompson. M'38; John B. Todd, D'32; 
E. Randolph Trice. M'47; 
Minnie M. Franck, managing editor 


W. Roy Smith. P'41, president 

Physicians Products. Inc.. Petersburg, Virginia 

Peter N. Pastor?, M'34, immediate past president 

5503 Riverside Drive, Richmond, Virginia 

J. Robert Massie, Jr.. M'34, president-elect 

St. Luke's Hospital. Richmond. Virginia 

Robert V. Terrell. M'34. vice-president 

Medical Arts Building, Richmond, Virginia 

John B. Todd, D'32, vice-president 

4 Gary Road, Newport News. Virginia 

George F. HendlEY, P'18, vice-president 

4406 Forest Hill Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 

Miss Dorsye Russell, N'43M, vice-president 

Lynchburg General Hospital, Lynchburg, Virginia 

W. C. Henderson. D'37, secretary 

301 East Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia 

James T. Tucker, M'27. treasurer 

Medical Arts Building. Richmond, Virginia 



Term Expires December 31. 1963 

David M. Alexander, D'42 

Miss L. Frances Gordon, N 

Professional Building 

3517 Grove Avenue 

Richmond. Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

William L. Cooke, M'29 

Paul Hogg, M'33 

230 Professional Building 

87 29th Street 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Newport News, Virginia 

Dr. W. Fredric Dzlp. M'34 

G. Wallace Hook. P'33 

2512 Maycrest Street, N. W. 

223 Grant Avenue 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Manassas, Virginia 

Frederick W. Hines, D'42 

Peter N. Pastore, M'34 

3801 North Fairfax Drive 

MCV Station 

Arlington, Virginia 

Richmond, Virginia 

C. Newton V 

an Horn, M'46 



Norfolk r 

, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1964 

John M. Bierer, P'30 

Lexington, Virginia 

J. Pelham Broaddus. D'30 

Franklin, Virginia 

Braxton H. Coiner, P'26 

Timberville, Virginia 

Custis L. Coleman, M'43M 

Medical Arts Building 

Richmond, Virgini 

James D. Haoood, M'13, USM 

Clover, Virginia 
Miss Nora Spencer Hamner, N'14 
29 Willway Avenue 
Richmond. Virginia 
Alexander L. Martone, D'37 
Medical Towers Building 
Norfolk. Virginia 
Robert Massie, Jr.. M'34 
St. Luke's Hospital 
Richmond. Virginia 

Term Expires December 31. 1965 

'yndham B. Blanton. Jr., M'50 

S28 West Franklin Street 

Richmond, Virginia 

Thomas C. Bradshaw. D'35 

First National Building 

Blackstone, Virginia 

Hunter M. Gaunt. P'26 

Main and Valley Avenue 

Winchester, Virginia 

Miss Mae Belle lee, N'ol 

Zeigler House, MCV 

Richmond, Virginia 

Fletcher L. Raiford, M'41 

tendersonville. North Carolin 

Ralph M. Ware, P'42 

7932 Cherokee Road 

Richmond. Virginia 

Chapter Officers 
Delaware Valley Chapter 

President — Dr. Donald L. Baxter, M'54 

4"?1 Briarhill Road, Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania 

Vice-President — Dr. Robert G. Stineman. M'49 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Edward G. Sharp. M'34 

Florida West Coast Chapter 

President — Dr. Hawley H. Seiler, M'37 

517 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa 6, Florida 

Vice-President — Dr. Paul A. Tanner, Jr.. M'53 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mr. Graham F. Hendley. P'54 

Kanawha Valley Chapter 

President — Dr. Joseph A. Smith. M'50 

313 12th Street, Dunbar, West Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. Carl B. Hall, M'4() 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Catherine R. Stoeckel, M'42 

New York Chapter 

President — Dr. Richard D. Turin. M'44 

755 Ocean Avenue. Brooklyn 26, N. Y. 

I' ice-President — Dr. Raymond E. Stone, M'46 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Granville M. Leaman. M'34 

North Carolina Chapter 

President — Dr. John B. Walker, Jr., M'44 

Medical Village, Burlington, North Carolina 

Vice-President — Dr. George W. Holmes. M'3l 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Yates S. Palmer, M'31 

Peninsula Chapter 

President— Uk. S. B. Wright, P'17 

30 Fear Avenue, Hampton, Virginia 

President-Elect — Dr. Conway W. Smith, Jr., D'50 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Thomas W. Sale. Jr., M'52 

Puerto Rico Chapter 

President — Dr. R. Rodriquez-Monlina. M'26 

12 Huicy Street, Santurce, Puerto Rico 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mr. Willys K. Julia, HA'58 

Richmond Chapter 

President — Dr. Hume S. Powell, D'4l 
Professional Building, Franklin Street at Fifth 

Richmond 19, Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. Henry S. Spencer. M'53 

Secretary — Mr. Carl E. Bain, P'51 

Treasurer — Miss Marguerite G. Nicholson, N'34 

Roanoke Chapter 

President — Mr. Wallace Klein. P'51 

642 Marshall Street, Salem, Virginia 

President Elect — Dr. Homer Bartley. M'36 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs. Elizabeth L. Sibley, N'49 

Tidewater Chapter 

President — Dr. James L. Thomson, HS 

Medical Towers, Norfolk 7, Virginia 

President Elect — Dr. Harold A. Epstein, D'40 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mr. Bernard Behrman, P'29 

Valley Chapter 

President — Dr. C V. Townsend. M'49 

230 South Queen, Martinsburg, West Virginia 

1st Vice-President — Dr. Leon Slavin, D'31 

2nd Vice-President — Mr. Carl Parrjsh 

3rd Vice-President — Mr. Carl F. Emswiller, Jr., P'62 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs. John Hoover, N'35 

Northern Virginia, Washington, and 

Southern Maryland Chapter 

President — Dr. John E. Alexander, M'35 

Seven Corners Medical Building. Falls Church, Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. Glenn M. Spitler, D'36 

Secretary — Dr. Ralph B. Holmes. D'47 

West Virginia Chapter 

President — Dr. Angelo J. Villani, M'35 
293 Virginia Avenue. Welch, West Virginia 

New Medical Education Buildini 
Now Occupied 


The long-awaited medical education 
building was completed this summer. Im- 
mediately many of the medical school's 
departments began moving into their new 
quarters " under the careful eye of As- 
sistant Dean of Medicine Miles E. Hench. 
Biochemistry greatly overcrowded for 
laboratory space on the fourth floor of 
the clinic building was one of the first 
departments to move. Pathology evacu- 
ated its space in the Egyptian Building 
leaving room there for the microbiology 
department to expand. The departments 
of medicine and surgery were provided 
with space for research and for teaching 
in the new Porter and Bigger auditoriums. 

Many alumni will wonder why there is 

so much emphasis on "space" and "build- 
ings." The fact is that the College could 
not expand its teaching in the confines 
of its older buildings. Modern medical 
education simply requires more laboratory 
space and facilities for visual educational 
aids such as television and motion pictures. 
With these expanded facilities, it is hoped 
that the classes in medicine especially can 
gradually be increased from the present 
enrollment of 86 to perhaps 100 or more. 
There is at present an actual need for 
more physicians to care tor the ever-in- 
creasing population and MCV will have 
to meet this exigency. 

But space and buildings do not neces- 
sarily guarantee the development of ideal 

physicians. The emphasis is to be placed 
on education, rather than buildings. It is 
anticipated that the students who learn in 
this new facility will become more than 
scientists and technicians. Here will be 
developed the ideal physician who as Sir 
Lionel Whitby has described him, will be 
cultured, broadly educated in the humani- 
ties, intelligent and intellectual, of trans- 
parent integrity, humane and sympathetic, 
and, above all, one who will love his 
profession as well as his fellow men. 

On the following six pages are photo- 
graphic glimpses of some of the features 
of the new education building. 

E. Randolph Trice, M.D. 

Editorial Committee 

Dr. Kinloch Nelson, dean of medicine, proudly examines the building inscription in the lobby of the new medical education building. 

Offices for the dean of medicine, the president of the College, and other officers are on the ground floor. The cover shows the 

building which is located between Eleventh and Twelfth Streets facing Marshall. 



Dr. Edwin S. Higgins demonstrates a pro- 
cedure to Andrew Clcre (P'65) and Fred- 
erick T. Beller (P'65). 


Some of the staff of the medicine department gather for a medical seminar on the sixth floor in the William Branch Porter auditorium. 
Front row, left to right: Drs. W. T. Thompson, Jr. (M'38), Harry Walker (M'26), Elam C. Toone, Jr. (M'34), G. Watson James, III 
(M'43D), and William R. Harlan, Jr. (M'55). Second row: Drs. St. George Tucker, Richard H. Kirkland (M'48), John H. Moon (M'49), 
and Reno R. Porter (M'35). Third row: Drs. Laurie E. Rennie (M'54), I. Norman Sporn (M'57), Alvin M. Zfass (M'57) and William T. 

Dabney, III (M'54). 


Three members of the medicine class of '64, 
Roger Gifford, Irvin Hess, and George 
Knox, study in one of the study carrels 
provided on the sixth and eighth floors. 


■^ "Si 


Some of the 
left to right, 
Second row: 
row: Hunter 
(M'34). The 

members of the surgical staff meet for a conference in the Issac A. Bigger auditorium on the eighth floor. First row, 
Drs. Custis L. Coleman (M'43M), John P. Eastham (M'37), Frank Philip Coleman (M'31), and Webster P. Barnes (M'26). 
Drs. T. Duval Watts (M'35), George D. Vaughan (M'39), J. Robert Massie, Jr. (M'34) and Robert V. Terrell (M'34). Third 
H. McGuire, Jr. (M'55), Max S. Rittenbury (M'53), Hunter Jackson (M'42), Charles W. Byrd (M'43M), and R. C. Siersema 
furnishings in this auditorium were provided by the fund collected by friends and former residents of the late pro- 
fessor of surgery. 

Drs. George K. Brooks, Jr. (M'42), Milton D. 
Friedenberg (M'47), and Claude L. Neale 
(M'28) examine one of the cameras used by 
the visual education department to televise 
psychiatric interviews. 


Dr. H. Hudnall Ware, Jr. (M'24), fourth 
from left, meets with some of his obstetric 
staff, Drs. Charles M. Graham, Jr. (M'59), 
John A. Board (M'55), Joseph C. Parker 
(M'40), Harry H. Howren (M'52), and Wash- 
ington C. Winn (M'35), in their conference 
room on the second floor just prior to the 
arrival of students for another session of 
the Meconium Club." 

For the first time, adequate facilities have 
been provided for some of the speciality 
divisions of the medical service, such as 
dermatology, neurology, and allergy, as 
well as hematology. Miss Jane Spicer de- 
monstrates the Tissuematon used in his- 
topathology preparations to Dr. Francis H. 
McMullan (M'51) on the left and Dr. E. 
Randolph Trice (M'47) 


Drs. Ruth Williams Campbell (M'57), 
Carolyn M. McCue (M'41), Walter E. Bundy, 
Jr. (M'45), and Reuben B. Young (M'57) 
discuss some of their problems in the 
pediatric library on the fifth floor awaiting 
the start of a pediatrics conference with 

Members of the dental faculty, Drs. Richard 
L. Simpson (D'35), Willie D. Crockett (D'47), 
George W. Burke, Jr. (D'44), and Harry 
W. Fore, Jr. (D'52), visit the physiology lab. 


Some of the members of the junior class in 
nursing arrive for a conference. The pri- 
mary use of the building is for the medical 
school but members of all the schools wi 
have a few classes here. 

Two local members of the Board of Visitors 
and the executive committee of the Col- 
lege, Dr. Richard A. Michaux (M'37) and 
Mr. R. Reginald Rooke (P'21), confer in the 
Board room equipped with closed circuit 
television. Dr. William Porter's portrait has 
since been moved to Porter auditorium. 


Mr. Charles Penrose, Jr., president of the Newcomen Society, Dr. R. Blackwell Smith, 

Jr., president of MCV, Governor Albertis S. Harrison, Jr., and Mr. Ervin H. Will, chairman 

of the Board of the Virginia Electric and Power Co., talk together at the dinner of the 

Newcomen Society. 

Newcomen Society 
Honors MCV 

The Newcomen Society of North 
America honored the Medical College of 
Virginia with a dinner, Thursday, Sep- 
tember 26, 1963, at the Hotel John Mar- 
shall in Richmond. The occasion marked 
another observance of the 125th anniver- 
sary of the founding of the institution. 
The Newcomen Society centers its atten- 
tion upon the history of material civili- 
zation including industry, agriculture, 
banking, mining, education, economics, 
and the law. During recent years, many 
of America's largest corporate interests 
and educational institutions have been 
recognized and honored. 

Dr. R. Blackwell Smith, Jr., president 
of the College, was the guest of honor. 
He was introduced by Mr. Samuel M. Be- 
miss, vice-chairman of the Board of Visi- 
tors and a member of the Newcomen So- 

The president described the founding 
of the institution as a department of 
Hampden-Sydney College. This relation- 


ship was lost when there was a disagree- 
ment between the faculty and the Board 

of Trustees regarding the initial appoint- 
ment to a newly-established chair. A phy- 
sician had been recommended for the 
appointment by the faculty; however, 
a group of local physicians, not con- 
nected with the school, suggested another 
candidate whom the Trustees favored. The 
faculty applied for a charter which in 
effect removed them from the control of 
the Trustees; and, following a bitter 
campaign, the charter was granted in 
1854 and the Medical College of Vir- 
ginia was established as an independent 
institution. It became a State institution 
in 1860. 

Later came the Civil War when Dr. 
James B. McCaw, a member of the Col- 
lege faculty, established Chimborazo Hos- 
pital where more than 76,000 sick and 
wounded were treated in one of the larg- 
est military hospitals ever operated. Other 
members of the College faculty held mili- 
tary appointments and in addition con- 
tinued their teaching responsibilities. 
Classes were graduated every year during 
the war, MCV being the only medical 
school still in existence in the South 
which was able to carry on an educational 
program during this period. 

Following the Civil War, Dr. Hunter 
Holmes McGuire noted the continuing 
(Continued on page 26) 

Dr. Smith addresses the distinguished guests. 


Membership List 

Two thousand, five hundred and twenty-one 


Through Octoher 10 
Is Your Name n 


If Not- 


We hope it will be when we publish the supplementary membership list 

in the February Scarab 

Medicine IUCM) 

C. T. Peirce 
Dentistry IUCM) 
Charles T. Womack 

James H. Hagy 
Medicine (UCMI 
Luther R. Stinson 
Nursing IUCM) 
Belle F. Owen 

Medicine IUCM) 
Benjamin C. Shuler 
James Mitchell Lew 

Thomas Watkins 

Medicine IUCM) 

Pharmacy IUCM) 

E. L. Grubbs 

J. D. Pruitt 

Nursing IUCM) 


Edna D. Tarns 



Bernard S. Clemen 


Medicine IUCM) 

Francis A. Bell 

John W. Devine 

S. L. Craig 

Clifton G. Parker 

J. M. Northington 

Frank C. Pratt 

Medicine IUCM) 

Pharmacy IUCM) 

Delos D. Hooper 

Warren S. Grubbs 

Nursing IUCM) 

George J. Hulcher 
H. G. Whitehead 

Ellen W. Goss 





G. W. Skaggs 

George Brunner 

Wylie Hodge Cunningham 

D. H. Mason 

Medicine IUCM) 

Brady D. Epling 

Daniel D. Talley, Jr. 

Eugene B. Pendlel 

Leigh F. Watson 

A. M. Saunders 

Medicine IUCM) 

A. P. Upshur 

Russell L. Cecil 

Dentistry IUCM) 

Oscar J. Corpening 

John M. Hughes 


Josephine D. Payne 
Nursing IUCM) 

Ora P. Locke 


E. W. Dodd 
Medicine (UCM) 
C. L. Harrell 
Pharmacy (UCM) 

P. M. Massie 


A. C. Broders 
Turner 5. Shelton 
O. W. Ward 

Medicine IUCM) 

John T. Ramsey 
John W. Turman 


J. H. Cod 

Dentistry IUCM) 

Paul E. Jones 


Douglas Atkinson 

Pharmacy IUCM) 

H. M. Pettus 


Arthur S. Brinkley 
Charles H. Cherry 
R. H. Eanes 
G. G. Hankms 
A. A. Houser 
Henry Clay Smith 
Albert U. Tieche 
R. E. Watts 

Medicine IUCM) 

J. Henry Cutchin 
A. D. Morgan 
J. G. Raby 

Medicine INCMC) 

James B. Whittingto 

Please Use This Blank And Enclose With Your Check If Your 

Name Is Not Listed 

Here is 

my $10 to make me a voting member for the calendar year, 1963, and with it 

is $ 

for the worthwhile projects of the Alumni Association. 




Make your check payable to the Alumni Association of MCV and mail to 

1105 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia 


Dentistry IUCM) 

W. H. Wunder 

Pharmacy (UCM) 

W. E. Locke 

Nursing (UCM) 

Leo P. Lipscombe 
Anne H. Moore 
Anne C. Stephenson 



Chas. Watts Haden 
W. W. Hargrove 
Arthur Hooks 
A. W. Lewis 

Medicine (UCM) 

James S. Edlin 
L. J. Friedman 
Joseph L. McSparran 
M. Pinson Neal 
Charles C. Smith, Jr. 
James N. Williams 

Medicine (NCMC) 

Charles S. Sink 
Dentistry (UCM) 
Charles C. Rush 

D. D. Gray 



S. B. Berkley 

E. L. Caudill, Sr. 
J. M. Cofer 
♦Herman Hertzberg 
Abraham I. Weinstein 

Medicine (UCM) 

O. T. Amory 
Beverley F. Eckles 
J. O. Fitzgerald, Jr. 
J. D. Hagood 
George S. Hurt 
*M. F. Torregrosa 
John R. Travis 
R. W. Woodhouse, Jr 

Dentistry (UCM) 

Thomas J. Pearson, Jr 


A. B. Macon 

Pharmacy IUCM) 

Guy L. Miller 
Glenn Updike 
A. R. Warner 

Nursing (UCM) 

Mae W. Young 


R. H. Cross 
Hyman Danish 
Guy B. Denit 
E. Latane Flanagai 
L. M. Futrell 
K. D. Graves 
Fred E. Hamlin 
J. M. Holloway 
♦William R. Laird 
Edgar P. Norfleet 


George W. Parrott 
George B. Tyler 
Howard Urbach 
J. C. Walker, Jr. 
Wm. John Wigington 
G B. Young 


Vivian V. Gillum 

George B. Cocke 
Henry G. Shirkey 
G. Van Durrer 


Nora Spencer Hamner 
Elizabeth A. LaNeave 
Annie R. Smith 


James B. Anderson 
M. Roman Benitez 
Richard B. Davis 
J. M. Emmett 
W. M. Phipps 
John E. Porter 
J. Gregg Smith 
G. V. Wood, Jr. 


A. E. Friddle 

Mary F. Halterman 


G. O. Crank 
W. P. Gilmer 
P. G. Hamlin 
J. L. Hamner 
Edgar C. Harper 
Henry C. Johnston 
F. W. H. Logan 
A. D. Parson 
William O. Poindexter 
Alex F. Robertson, Jr. 
Philip S. Smith 
Ernest L. Strickland 

F. P. Sutherland 
J. W. Tipton 



E. Ray Altizer 
Edw. T. Ames 

G. C. Andes 
Carl A. Broaddus 
Randolph G. Broaddus 
Alan J. Chenery 
Dean B. Cole 

S. S. Cook 
Charles J. Devine 
D. S. Divers 
James A. Fields 
Bernard F. Gilchriest 
J. Stewart Gilman 
Campbell Harris 
Joseph Heyman 
Basil B. Jones 
Edwin V. Long 
T. C. Lovelace 
William A. Morgan 
George C. Snead 
Ramon M. Suarez 
Toson O. Summers 
Edwin B. Thompson 

R. F. Thornhill 
H. E. Whaley 


L. S. Hoover 
Beaman Story 


L. C. Bird 
E. V. Greever 
Samuel Rosenthal 
S. B. Wright 


•Hattie E. Bell 

C. S. McCants 

W. A. Simpson 
Wallace Spigel 
James F. Terrell 


W. Archer Bagley 
W. I. Carpenter 
G. W. Holliday 
L. M. Massey 
N. F. Muir 
G. A. Svethk 


George F. Hendley 
Leo Rosenthal 


Nancy P. Dailey 

H. W. Decker 
C. L. Nance 


R. H. Bruni 
William H. Lewis, Jr 
J. J. Stigall 
Leon J. Walton 


H. O 

H. R. 

. Bell 



B. E. 
T. J. 
R. J. 

is J. Bri 



Francisco Jose Casalduc 
Harry Lee Claud 
T. Dewey Davis 
R. F. Gillespie 
George R. Moloney 
♦Charles W. Putney 
Paul A. Robertson 
R. Hugh Wood 


W. E. Clark 
Floyd L. Leonard 
John C. Tyree 

H. C. Seawell 
Sedona V. Shavi 


Joseph Coates 
C. M. Caravati 
W. J. Ozlin 
Thomas M. Winn 


French H. Moore 


H. M. Eads 
T. F. Marshall 


Hildred Bauserman 
Annie M. Linton 
Florence C. Schwab 


E. Macaulay Babb 
William H. Batte, J 
W. S. Beazley, Jr. 
P. R. Fox 
B. E. Glass 
H. L. Gwynn 
Robert P. Hawkins, 
S. P. Hileman 
J. A. Mease 
H. H. Menzies 
Waverly R. Payne 
John N. Robertson 
Joseph P. Treccase 
Leta J. White 


J. Jac Bangel 
Andrew B. Cooke 
R. Ashton Gay 
Harry Lyons 
Leland S. Mabry 
Clyde B. Reese 


J. W. Chamblee 
J. E. Layman 
E. R. Rush 
D. S. Williams 
Maxwell Zedd 


Mary H. Oliver 


J. A. Avrack 
Robert W. Bess 
G. W. Black 
J. L. Blanton 
Carl J. Carter 
Donald S. Daniel 
Clay W. Evatt 
Nathan B. Feinberg 
Lula Woods Garst 
C. E. Haberlin 
Lucy S. Hill 
Henry A. Hornthal 
B. E. Hunt 

William F. Matthews 
W. E. Newcomer 
Roy L. Noblin 
Allen B. Sloan 
Giles S. Terry 
H. Hudnall Ware, Jr. 
T. B. Washington 
Francis W. M. White 


W. Russell Colvin 
George W. Duncan 
R. F. Freeman 
S. Nelson Gray 
G. Fred Hale 
O. R. Hodgin 
W. J. Sydnor 


James G. Albert 
Frank Fuqua 
S. T. Gray 
George E. Schlosser 
D. B. Schwetz 


Roscoe D. Campbell 

D. G. Chapman 
Robley R. Goad 

W. Randolph Graham 

E. Bacon Hardee 
Dana T. Moore 


R. L. Williamson 
C. H. Wilson 


T. W. L. Hughes 
Gordon H. Page 
John M. Plank 

Irvin L. Simpkins 



Fletcher E. Ammons 
Guy C. Amory 
Webster P. Barnes 
Charles H. Bondurant 
O. C. Campbell 
George G. Chiles 
J. Melvin Crymes 
A. D. Ferrell 
Harry Golston 
J. Berkeley Gordon 
Thomas B. Gordon 
E. W. Gray 
Abraham J. Hollander 
Jeanette T. M. Jarman 
J. Philip Jones, Jr. 

A. A. Koran 
Max Kliger 
Lewis C. Lush 
George O. Martin 
W. Fuqua Mitchell 
Rafael Rodriguez-Molina 
Maurice Rosenthal 
Louis Wardell 
William F. Work 


William Tyler Haynes 
Edward Myers 
W. A. Ratcliffe 


B. W. Blachman 


Braxton Coiner 
Hunter M. Gaunt 
Z. B. Johnston 
C. A. Pollard 


Lois F. Arundel 
Frances T. Brogde 
Maude L. Fox 

W. L. 

rd L. Alexande 


*Harry E. Beard 
G. Norfleet Carter 
Raymond H. Curry 
B. H. Denman 


Seth Gayle, Jr. 
L. Holmes Ginn, Jr. 
J. Warren Hundley 
Leo L. Jacobs 

E. W. Johnson 
Sidney F. Johnston 
Orvin C. Jones 
James W. Keever 
Athey R. Lutz 

F. U. Metcalf 

John W. Parker, Jr. 
Irwin Rifkin 
P. A. Shelburne 
M. S. Stinnett 
James T. Tucker 


J. R. Fleet 

A. O. McCalley 



Asher L. Baker 
Joseph F. Barrett 
C. R. Bowman 
Raymond L. Claterbaugh 
A. R. Comunale 
Garrett Dalton 
A. C. Echols 
W. C. Elliott 

W. F 

. Fitzhugh 

P. C 


N. B 


E. C 



Y. Ketner 


hy Kirshbaum 


S. Lloyd 

D F 





de L. Neale 


A. Proffitt 


H. Reed, Jr. 

J. R. 

St. George 

E. L. 


R. F 



. Southward 


am N. Thompso 

G. h 

unter Wolfe 



W. C. Webb 


Mary Campbell Gale 
Medical Technology 

Katherine C. Wade 


Rex Blankinship 
Charles H. Bond 
W. M. B. Brown 





m P. Stull 








d W. Wilkinsor 


s G. Wmstead 












Anderson, Jr. 



rd Behrman 



C. Bray 



N. Dodd 
lie Hughes 






H. Sullender 





1 H. Hughes 



F. Mahoney 



la M. Porter 


nd W. Roach 



cal Technology 



eth Caperton 


O. K. 


A. C. Chandler 
S. L. Cooke 
William L. Cooke 

A. C. Davis 
Addison M. Duval 
William J. Ellis 
Ramon D. Garcin, 
W. A. Graham 
W. F. Hatcher 

T. N. Hunnicutt, Jr 
Charles Lipshutz 

B. L. Parrish 
W. G. Preas 
J. P. Pregnall 
Chorles R. Robins, 

C. P. Ryland 


L. L. Ashburn 
E. S. Berlin 
M. Foscue Brock 
W. E. Butler 
John R. Copenhaver 
J. Glenn Cox 
Clyde L. Crawiord 
Edwin S. Crisp 
John W. Davis, Jr. 
R. E. Dunkley 
Van M. Ellis 
H. J. Harris 
T. S. Jennings 
Dorsey Ketchum 
Ben H. Knight 
Clifford W. Lewis 
Marsh McCall 
E. T. Montgomery 
Leslie E. Morrissett 
N. W. Newman 
Sigmund Newman 
Zenas B. Noon 

Emmett V. Richardsc 
H. M. Richardson 
R. S. Roberson 
C. G. Spivey 
W. G. Stephenson 
Meyer Vitsky 
Kennon C. Walden 
Louis E. Wice 
James N. Williams 
J. H. Yeatman 


B. A. Brann 
J. P. Broaddus 
Stanley L. Dixon 
J. J. OKeefe 
E. Budge Kent 
W. Davis Parrott 
R, O. Reynolds 
W. N. Richardson 
John A. Tolley 
S. B. Towler 

T. J. Banton 
J. M. Bierer 
C. L. Biscoe 
Theodore Co'^en 
Hilda S. Ellenson 
B. J. Fitzhugh 
E. E. Willey 
B. B. Williams 


Neb F. Benner 
Ella P. Bounds 
Helen H. Crossley 
Mary B. Healey 
Nellie H. Hopkins 
Azzie Jenks 
Elia W. McCauley 
Elizabeth K. Ryan 



Antonio Acosta-Valar 
Harold I. Amory 
Paul J. Bundy 
R. D. Butterworth 
Frank Philip Colemar 
L. B. Copenhaver 
George F. Cormeny 

Oscar W. Cranz 
Fred G. DeBusk 
R. O. Glenn 
Victor Goodside 
Belmont A. Helsabec! 
William H. Hoskins 
J. G. Jantz 
O. G. King 
Carl W. La Fratta 
H. J. Lukeman 
Frank Mayfield 
•Harold W. Miller 
Tom H. Mitchell 
Thomas B. Payne 
E. Cotton Rawls 
Fred Taylor Renick 
Adolfo Sanchez 
Howard M. Starling 
T. G. Synnott 


Leon Slavin 
Percy C. Spitzer 


Isadore I. Bass 
Herman E. Becker 
Hilda S. Ellenson 


Deborah Cappleman 
Blanche S. Connell 
Mary S. Gray 
Minnie V. Jones 
Elsie C. Kean 
Sabra S. Russell 


Nathan Bloom 
H. G. Byrd 
Richard C. Cecil 
R. Lee Clark, Jr. 
Alexander M. Cox 
Bertha M. Davis 
C. A. Easley 
R. H. Fowikes 
E. C. Gates 
J. J. Grizzard, Jr. 
Sydney Levy 
E. W. McCauley 


212 West Franklin Street 
Richmond, Virginia 

A private hospital for diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurological patients. Hospital 
and out-patient services. 

(Organic diseases of the nervous system, psychoneu roses, psychosomatic disorders, mood disturb- 
ances, social adjustment problems, involutional reactions and selective psychotic and alcoholic prob- 

James Asa Shield, M. D. 
George S. Fultz, Jr., M. D. 

Weir M. Tucker, M. D. 
Silvia Luik, M. D. 




The G- 1 tract is the barometer of the mind" 



Each scored white tablet contains: Vi gr. Phenobarbital; 0.0072 mg. Hyoscine Hydrobromide; 0.024 mg. Atropine 
Sulfate; and 0.128 mg. Hyoscyamine Hydrobromide. BELBARB NO. 2-Same as Belbarb but with Vi gr. 
Phenobarbital. BELBARB ELIXIR— Each 5 ml. is equivalent to one Belbarb tablet. 

Belbarb soothes the agitated 
mind and calms G-I spasm 
through the central effect of 
phenobarbital and the syner- 
gistic action of belladonna 
alkaloids on the G-I tract. 

"The G-I tract 

is the barometer 

of the mind" 



Indications: Belbarb is of particular value in conditions 
associated with visceral smooth muscle spasm and 
tension states, such as anxiety reactions, nervous ten- 
sion, visceral spasm, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary 
tract spasm, peptic ulcer and hypertension. 
Dose: TABLETS: 1 tablet q.i.d. Vi hour before meals 
and at bedtime, or as directed by physician. ELIXIR: 
Adults: 1 teaspoon q.i.d. Children 3-12 years: Vi to 1 
teaspoon q.i.d. 

Warning: May be habit forming. Caution: Do not use 
in patients with glaucoma or in elderly patients with 
prostatic hypertrophy. 

Send for samples and literature. 

& COMPANY, Richmond, Virginia 


Samuel H. Mirmelsteir 
Walter A. Porter 
P. A. Richards 
Paul 5. Richards 
Euston S. Robertson 
C. T. St. Clair, Jr. 
L. L Shamburger 
Beecher L. Smith 
W. W. Stanfield 
L. B. Todd 
J. S. Vermillion 
George D. Vermilya 
W. L. Weaver 
J. M. Winkfield 


W. R. Elam 
L. H. Goldman 
V. S. Hart 
R. E. Long 
J. B. Todd 


H. L Beamer 
Earle W. Bell 
J. H. Jones 


Addie H. Gale 
Harriette A. Patteson 
Harrietta F. Suits 
Mary B. Thompson 


Sally L. Ellison 

F. Keith Bradford 

J. W. Carney 

Edgar W. Childrey, Jr 

Ellis O. Coleman 

Florence H. Comess 

Wm. D. Comess 

C. W. Copenhaver 

J. Spencer Dryden 

W. F. Evans 

H. D. Fitzpatrick 

M. D. Foster 

David S. Garner 

William H. Gordon 

B. C. Grigsby 

Paul Hogg 

J. B. Johnson, Jr. 

Mary E. Johnston 

J. Bernard Jones 

Robert H. Jordan 

J. B. Kiser 

M. H. McClintic 

Juan Mimoso-Raspaldo 

B. W. Mongle 

R. B. Nutter 

E. W. Perkins 

J. W. Phillips 

J. A. Robinson 

George F. Salle 

S. G. Saunders 

Andrew D. Shapiro 

Victor Simiele 

W. P. Starling 

Edwin D. Vaughan 

John O. Watkms, Jr. 

P. L. Wolgin 

A. A. Yurko 


J. L. Adams 

B. M. Haley 

Walter B. Lett 
T. R. Nicholls 

R. C. Mans 
J. Robe 




R. P. Bailey 
J. G. Boll 
Roger D. Bro 
Ralph Carino 
G. L. E. Edm 
Allen N. Fori 
G. Wallace I 
E. Claiborne 
Joseph S. Ro' 
C. B. Wallac 
G. C. White 

E. C. Mathews 
George W. McCall 
Clyde G. O'Brien 
Philip W. Oden 
Edwin J. Palmer 
P. N. Pastore 
J. A. Payne, III 
Thomas B. Pope 
C. L. Riley 
R. C. Siersema 





Isabelle W. Galbraith 
Italy D. Nelson 


Robert A. Brown, Jr. 
William F. Bryce, Jr 
C. I. Butte, Jr. 
C. C. Chewning, Jr. 
S. C. Cox 

Robert D. Croom, Jr 
C. Fallon Davis 
W. Fredric Delp 
Claude S. Finney 
Mildred B. Forman 
Cecil C. Hatfield 
Grey C. Hughes 
Brock D. Jones 
N. T. Keys 
Alan F. Kreglow 
J. H. Lamm 
G. M. Leaman 
W. S. Lloyd 

Robert V. Te 
F. N. Thompson 
Girard V. Thompson 
Elam C. Toone, Jr. 
John W. Whitlock, Jr. 


John J. Kohout 
R. G. Wharton 


C. B. Freeman 

Jack T. Gale 

John W. Gallagher, Jr 

T. O. Myers 

R. M. Reilly 

Myer Salsbury 

David Silver 

Robert W. Sims 


Vivian Bragg 
Nannie G. Cole 
Anna M. Copenhaver 
Marguerite Nicholson 
Dorothy K. Thomson 


John E. Alexand 
B. Randolph Alls 
Herbert M 
John R. Bender 
George S. Bowers 
William H. Chapi 
Chai Chang Choi 
Solomon Disick 
Joseph M. Dixon 
J. B. Earle 
Hugh S. Edwards 
S. L. Elfmon 


P. Ev 

James Q. Ganf 
George A. Gla 
J. M. Habel, Jr 
Cornelius E. Ho 
F. Hernandez-W 
Esta L. Kress 
Edmund M. La Pi 



John P. 


Lynch, Jr. 

F. McRa 

Aurelia G. Nicholls 
Reno R. Porter 
Rupert W. Powell 
Wellford C. Reed 
S. T. Ryang 
John R. Saunders, . 
Seymour Schotz 
B. E. Stephenson, J 
Hack U. Stephensoi 
Clarry C. Trice 
Leo L. Tylec 
Wm. Roberts Tyson 
Angela J. Villani 

Westbrook Psychiatric Hospital, Inc. 

(formerly Westbrook Sanatorium, Inc.) 


Richmond, Virginia 

A private psychiatric hospital employing modern diagnostic and treatment pro- 
cedures — electro shock, insulin, psychotherapy, occupational and recreational 
therapy — for nervous and mental disorders and problems of addiction. 


Assistant Medical Director 

Medical Director 



write to: 


P. O. Box 1514, Richmond 27, Virginia 

Telephone 359-5701 



Harold W. Ward 
Washington C. Winn 


Albert D. Alexander 
Moffett H. Bowman 
T. C. Bradshaw 
Elwood F. MacRury 
Richard Lee Simpson, Jr 
Sommers D. Stancell 



Alma Colli. 
Helen T. Bryce 
Erna L Carlson 
Ruhamah W. Henshaw 
Lillian F. Hoover 
Frances C. Morgan 
Martha Nicholes 
Louise C. Wiseman 



Homer Bartley 
Ben Bogen 
Paul K. Candler 
A. A. Davis 
Lee Filmore Dobbs, Jr. 
Robert R. Eason 
James W. Elliott 
Eugene R. Evans 
Helen G. Evans 
Homer E. Ferguson 
William Frederic Fidle 
William Y. Garrett 
Frederick C. Goodall 
Marvin R. Houck 
A. R. Johnston 
John H. Judson 
Max Koenigsberg 
E. W. Lacy, Jr. 
Ila M. Malzone 
Robert H. Mitchell 
John H. Murry 
Richard C. Neale 
Frank N. Pole 
Spotswood Robins 
Leroy Smith 
Jack Jay Stark 
Lewis S. Trostler 
Arthur L. VanName, Ji 
Thomas U. Vermillion 
Walter E. Vermilya 
John G. Welch 
George Austin Welcho 
Claude B. Wh>te 
R. B. Woodhull 


Robert Frederick Eastm 
Jack J. Goldman 
Samuel P. Kayne 
Thomas E. Martin 
William S. Miles, Jr. 
Preston D. Miller 
Coyte R. Minges 
Nathan Neyman 
Herbert Tobias 



J. M. Early 
J. P. Madde 


James O. Burke 
K. N. Byrne 
Mary Louise Clark 
John P. Eastham 

Lendall C. Gay 
W. G. Hardy 
Clarence M. Hawke 
John A. B. Holt 
William B. Hoover 
John Paul Jones 
V. Clifton Lanier 
Louis Lipman 
Elmer McGraw 
Jul ien H. Meyer 
Richard A. Michaux 
Richard N. O'Dell 
Margaret A. Pennington 
W. A. Pennington 
Eli A. Rosen 
J. B. Ruffin 
Herbert N. Schwartz 
Julius J. Snyder 
Christine Thelen 
Morris Wilburne 
Roger S. Williams 
William L. Wingfield 


Stephen F. Gutowski 
I. Michael Harris 
Woodrow C. Henderson 
Thomas M. Hunter 
Alexander L. Martone 
Norman G. Sedel 


John W. Courtney, Jr. 
John Ray Hurt 
W. P. Lewis 
Jane P. Parker 
Max L. Plotkin 


Ellie W. Lefeber 
Margaret M. Price 
Rachel B. Rooke 

Medical Technology 

Louise Carden 
Joan E. Tubbs 


B. B. Bagby, Jr. 
Hayes W. Caldwell 
Russell N. Carrier 
Julius F. Chairsell 
Phillips L. Claud 
David M. Cogdell 
William H. Copley 
Samuel S. DuPuy 
Garland Dyches 
Alexander Earle 

Ira C. Evans 
Robert M. Ferrell 
George S. Fultz, Jr. 
Edward E. Haddock 
Gordon D. Hall 
Archie A. Hoffman 
Albert Wm. Holmes 
Jacob Camden Huffman 
Charles F. James, Jr. 
Sydney L. Lang 
Carl S. Lingamfelter, Jr. 
William H. McCall 
M. Everett McRae 
John F. Morris 
Sidney Grey Page, Jr. 
Henkel Moser Price 

C. Rodriguez 
Herbert G. Ruffin 
Irving M. Schor 
Earl S. Scott 
Woodrow W. Scott 
•Edward G. Sharp 

Paul C. Soulsby 
Otto S. Steinreich 
Dwight S. Stevenson 
W. T. Thompson, Jr. 
Gilman R. Tyler 
Annie Louise Wilkerson 
H. Joseph Williams 
William Hart Woodson 


Ernest L. Bayton, Jr. 
P. N. Davis, Jr. 
Anthony M. DeMuth 
Sanford A. Lipford 
Mark Milton Neale 
A. G. Orphanidys 
William H. Traynham, Jr 


Herald Edds 
W. W. Gray 
James F. Hollenbeck 
Stanley H. Jewell 
William H. Joyner 
A. Ralph Martin 
Pearl E. Martin 
Robert L. Richardson 


Kathleen R. Creech 


A. L. Cannon 
Beverley B. Clary 
Jose D. Coll 
Dewitt C. Daughtry 
Thomas H. S. Ely 
John W. Hash 
Sidney J. Hellman 
James W. Humphreys, Jr 
Marion F. Jarrett 
Saul Krugman 
Robert C. Longan, Jr. 
Carl Manuta 
F. G. McConnell 
Buford W. McNeer 
Harold I. Nemuth 
Maurice E. B. Owens, Jr. 
John L. Patterson 
Debora Pineles 
William J. Robinson 
Catalina Scarano 
William M. Smethie 
John E. Stone 
Harry A. Tubbs 
George D. Vaughan 


Ulpian G. Bradenham 
M. O. Fox 
Raymond L. Hensley 
Robert L. Mason 
H. Shepard Moon 
Charles M. Rosa 
George N. Trakas 
Amand C. Vipond 
Harry B. Weiner 


Z. I. Blachman 
Charles O. Fore 
Sidney A. Hirsch 
Roderick L. Lucas 
L. A. Shepherd 
J. Muriel Wilkerson 
Justine Hughes Wilkins 


Frances W. Etheridge 


Olivia Abernethy 
Oscar Aguilo 
C. Sherrill Armentrout 
Vernon M. Bryant 
Galen G. Craun 
Dorothy Fisher 
Herman Jacob Flax 
Leonard Galbraith 
Robert S. Gatherum, Jr 
Josefina Guarch 
C. Bemis Hall 
Richard K. Hanifan 
Milton J. Hoover, Jr. 
John F. C. Hunter 
Gus T. Kerhulas 
Edward L. King 
Morris H. O'Dell 
A. Bernard Pasternack 
Elmer S. Robertson 
Benjamin Rosenberg 
James E. Spargo, Jr. 
John T. Walke 
Margaret H. Zolen 


Aubrey C. Duffer 
Harold A. Epstein 
Raymond A. Holcomb 
W. Yates League 
E. Y. Lovelace, Jr. 
Robert I. Miles 
Jose O. Porrata 


W. G. Clark 
Boyd S. Clements 
Garland C. Habel 
Joseph M. Parker 
C. C. Scott 


Alberta C. Rawchuck 

Elizabeth Lounds 


Ernest B. Agee, Jr. 
Herbert C. Allen, Jr. 
Charles Baldini, Jr. 
Bradford S. Bennett 
Samuel Blank 
John O. Boyd, Jr. 
Estill L. Caudill, Jr. 
Pete Commings 
William E. Doner 
Robert S. Faircloth 
Mary V. Gallagher 
A. Broaddus Gravatt, Jr 
Julius C. Hulcher 
Arthur A. Kirk 
Sidney Lyons 
John J. Marsella 
L. M. Mason 
Carolyn M. McCue 
Percy J. McElrath, Jr. 
M. Jane Page 
Carl P. Parker 
Fletcher L. Raiford 
W. H. Rardin 
James S. Rhodes, Jr. 
John Edgar Stevens 
George A. Stewart 
Adney K. Sutphin 
Julian A. White 


Bernard B. Batleman 
David M. Bear 
Margaret C. Draffin 
William C. Draffin 
E. J. Gorski 
Charles R. Guthrie, Jr. 
Wesley B. Jones 
K. Emerson Montgomery 
William M. Murray 
Hume S. Powell 
Charles R. Richard 
Grover C. Starbuck 
Frank P. Turner, Jr. 
John G. Wall 


W. Russell Glover 
Alden S. Hankla 
C. V. Montgomery, Jr. 
W. Roy Smith 
Kenneth W. Tipton 
John O. Wallace 


ie P. Chitwood 

M. McElrath 


George K. Brooks, Jr. 
M. C. Caballero 
Pauline D. Carmichael 
James W. Choate 
G. F. Dederick, Jr. 
Edward J. Evans 
Clara J. Fleischer 
Charles G. Fox, Jr. 
Donald R. Gilbert 
Haywood N. Hill 
Jacob S. Huffman 
Hunter Jackson 
Ansel Lipman 
Fred D. Maphis, Jr. 
Anabel S. McConnell 
Harry C. Robelen, Jr. 
Thomas B. Smith 
Catherine Stoeckel 
Evelyn L. Stull 
James A. Thompson, Jr. 
Maurice S. Vitsky 
William W. Walton 
O. W. Ward, Jr. 
Herbert F. Webb 
David C. Whitehead 


David M. Alexander 
Philip W. Handy 
Frederick W. Hines 
Cyril R. Mirmelstein 
Rupert S. Walker 


J. O. Hubbard 
Frank D. Lawrence 
E. Carlyle Phillips 
T. B. Settle, Jr. 
William H. Thompson 
Ralph M. Ware 


Mary Esther Cibula 
Mary C. Garby 
Aileen B. Hagood 
Margaret A. Robertson 
Josephine W. Shultz 
Blanche A. Stephens 
Marie H. Trivett 



DOCTOR: Your NAME Belongs on this DOOR . . . 

Opening to the finest MEDICAL 
CENTER in West End Richmond 

Distinctly designed and planned 
with you and your patients in mind, 
the MEDICAL CENTER-5500 Monu- 
ment Avenue is beautifully situated 
in the most prestige of locations. 
It's handsome, it's exquisite; offer- 
ing spacious accomodations adapt- 
able to suit your needs. Rental in- 
cludes all services and suites are 
located on one floor with ample 
free parking just steps away. Now 
leasing— call or write today for in- 









Exclusive Agent-LEWIS SEGAL 



1017 E. MAIN ST. DIAL Ml 8-5874 


Robert Page Kent 


L. E. Banks 
Alfred A. Berger 
Charles P. Blunt 
Charles W. Byrd 
Robert E. Carr 
Stuart H. Catron, Jr 
James L. Chitwood 
Custis L. Coleman 
Hal S. Floyd 
William S. Grizzard 
George L. Grubb 
William J. Hagood, 
A. Ernest Handy 


R Le- 


G. Jc 

John Marcus Kesfer, Jr 
Melvin B. Lamberth 


Herbert R. 


Lucile W. Richardson 
Charles R. Riley 
Norman Rosenthal 
Leroy 5. Safian 
Juan Santos 
John S. Shaffer 
James Avon Smith 
Russell N. Snead 
Wiley B. Trivett, Jr. 
Herbert L. Warres 
William H. Woodson 


A. Robert Anderson, J 
Bragdon R. Bowling 
John J. Cortopassi 
Samuel C. Patteson 


Robert H. Gardiner, J: 

Floyd A. Robertson, Jr 
R. T. Shepherd 

L. Frances Gordon 
Nancy L. Hignite 
Susan C. Lewis 
Dorsye Russell 
Edith West 
Pearl S. Wolfe 



Richard A. Bagby 
Howard E. Baldini 
Ellsworth F. Cale 
Fay Carmines 
David D. Dexter 
Henry E. Ernst 
Robert H. Fennell 
Eugene Freundlich 
James Cofer Gale 
Thomas V. Goode, Jr. 
A. C. Johnson 
Sarah H. Jones 
William R. Kay 
Frank R. Kelly, Jr. 
Otis E. Linkous, Jr. 
Shirley S. Martin 
Virgil R. May 
Fred C. McCall 
Frank F. Merker 
W. W. Mills 
Margaret B. Obenscha 
Ruth O'Neal 
Edwin J. Otis 
John M. Ratliff, Jr. 
Charles H. Rawls 
Wm. H. ReMine, Jr. 

Ashby T. Richards 

Donald C. Schweizer 

Cyril I. Sease, Jr. 

Jay Stoeckel 

George Vranian 

Harold E. Wolfe 


Joseph H. Conduff 

William J. Longan 


Stanley A. Greenbaun 

Jack N. Williams 


William B. B 
Robert R. De 



Rufus P. Ellett, Jr. 
Cecil Glen Finney 
Merritt W. Foster, Jr. 
Claude A. Frazier 
E. C. Garber, Jr. 
A. Lawson Hardie, Jr. 
Gordon F. Harrell 
Charles D. Houck 
Thomas C. Iden 
Margueritte E. Kersey 
William W. Kersey 
Herman M. Kunkle 
J. W. Lambdin 
S. W. Lippincott 
Edward N. Maxwell 
Ray A. Moore, Jr. 
W. Donald Moore 
William P. Morrissette 
Marcus Nakdimen 
Roy T. Parker 
Nelson S. Payne 
Abraham Perlman 

Robert C. Shelburr 
C. F. Siewers 
Oscar O. Smith, J 
Gervas S. Taylor 
Jomes Tidier 
Richard D. Turin 
John B. Walker, J 


Frank C. Allen 
Herbert H. Bonnie 
Arthur B. David 
Jomes E. Furr, Jr. 
Boyd Clark Getty 
Ira Gould 
Howard C. Mirmel 


Dorothy B. Berk 
Joan Eanes 
Katherine D. Edwc 
Edna R. Oppi 
Charlene P. Park 
Virginia G. Wesi 



Edward H. Alderman 
C. Cooper Bell, Jr. 
R. R. Boone, Jr. 
Raymond S. Brown 
Walter E. Bundy, Jr. 
Robert L. Chamberlair 
William E. Copeland 
G. E. Cox 

Belle DeCormis Fears 
Willard M. Fitch 
Donald L. Greever 


Owen Gwathmey 
Charles H. Hagan, . 
G. D. Hayden 
Larry Allison High 
William H. Huffsteth 
George R. Jones 
Alfred Joseph 
Edwin J. Kamons 
Frederick V. Lilly 
Mann T. Lowry 
Franklin W. Mallam 
John J. Marra 
A. A. McLean 
Herman M. Nachma 
Elliot M. Namay 
Albert J. Paine 
M. W. Phillips 
Robert R. Rector 
Paul W. Robinett 
Harvey R. St. Clair 
Roy Burton Sampson 
Robert H. Sease 
William H. Shaia 
Ramon M. Suarez, J 
George F. West 
Forrest P. White 
Earl E. Wilkison 
George A. Zirkle, Ji 


Franklin D. Bell 
James E. Graham, J 
James A. Harrell 
Edgar F. Jessee 
Herbert W. Kaplan 
Roy A. Miller, Jr. 
Morton A. Paret 
Edward D. Risdon 


Eleanor L. Boothe 



Medical College of Virginia Hospital 

Memorial Hospital 

Saint Philip Hospital 

Ennion G. Williams Hospital 

(Operated jointly with the State Health Department) 

A. D. Williams Memorial Clinic 

(Outpatient Department) 

To preserve and restore health 

To seek the cause and cure of disease 

To educate those who would serve humanity 



Louise F. Simpson 


Ruth R. Brewer 
Eleanor S. Carson 
Helen V. Moosey 


Elsie Hooker 



R. E. Berman 
Charles H. Brant 
James W. Brooks 
M. G. Burdette 
Rowland H. Burns 
William B. Cecil, Jr. 
Rafael Cuevas-Zamora 
Wyson Curry, Jr. 
Albert H. Dudley 
David M. Dumville 
John R. Fitzgerald 
Jack Freund 
John A. Gill 
Rupert S. Hughes 
George W. Hurt 
Randolph M. Jackson 
James W. Johnston 
Charles E. Llewellyn 
J. D. Mathias 

A. B. H. Mirmelstein 
Robert P. Moore 
Jack J. Schwartz 
Stuart M. Sessoms 
Robert L. Sommerville 
R. E. Stone 

Isabel Taliaferro 
Clayton L. Thomas 
C. Newton Van Horn 
Richard D. Wilson 
William C. Winter, Jr. 


Gladstone M. Hill 
John J. Richardson 


Nell W. Greever 
Marye H. Marks 

Medical Technology 

Frances B. Holsinger 



Franklin L. Angell 
John S. Blagg 
Robert W. Bradley 

C. Whitney Caulkins, Jr. 
E. Lemoyne Coffield 
Wayne W. Dutton 
Milton D. Friedenberg 
David J. Greenberg 
James P. Harnsberger 
Seymour Harris 

D. A. Haught 
Douglass O. Hill 
J. Edward Hill 
Jerome Imburg 
George R. Krupp 
Stuart H. Light 
Robert Q. Marston 

B. J. McClanahan 
William W. McClure 
Philip L. Minor 
George J. Oliver, Jr. 
Robert E. Paine, Jr. 
Francis R. Payne, Jr. 
Forrest W. Pitts 
Ralph S. Riffenburgh 


Jay E. Rogers, Jr. 

Ann H. Suggs 

Roy S. Temeles 

C. Carl Tully 

L. Mildred Williams 

Charles M. Zacharias 


John R. Carson, Jr. 
Fred B. Cornett 
Walter M. Ormes, Jr. 
John N. Pastore 
Joseph R. Suggs 


Anne G. Durkin 
Thomas W. Eppes 
Adolph C. Lueckert 
Edith M. Moses 
Russell E. Simpson, Jr. 
James E. Smith 
J. T. Thompson, Jr. 


Betty S. Brown 
Jennie K. Caulkins 
Eloise W. Gilmore 
Lucie K. Latimer 
Jane M. Light 
Mary C. Williams 
Virginia L. Williams 

Physical Therapy 

Margaret M. Watlingto 
X-ray Technology 

Quetita Miro 


Alvis B. Adan 


Wilbur F. Amonette 
Doris A. Berlin 
E. Lowell Berry 
Arthur K. Black 
Henry A. Bullock, Jr. 
Ernest T. Cobb 
Vernon L. Cofer, Jr. 
Lee Roy Conn 
Crowell T. Daniel, Jr. 
Conley L. Edwards, Jr. 
Roy A. Edwards 
George F. Elsasser 
John R. Freeman 
Paul E. Gordon 
Robert Greco 
Charles G. Guttas 
Thomas B. Hordman 
Leonard P. Hudnall 
Charles D. Jordan 
S. Ben Judy 
Carl H. Laestar 
William B. Looney 
Ewing W. McPherson 
Arthur G. Meokin 
C. W. Moorefield 
Robert W. Moseley 
Thomas H. Moseley 
William A. Niermann 
William H. Pate 
Richard Q. Penick 
Robert E. Richard 
Lucius W. Roberts, Jr. 
Henry P. Royster 
Thomas A. Saunders 
Elizabeth C. Strawinsky 
John L. Whaley 
Ann Hardy Williams 
Charles Lee Williams 


Ernest S. Benson 
Clarence R. Boyd 
Lonme B. Dickens, Jr. 
Thomas P. Freeman 
Charles W. Horton 
W. Harrell Johnson 
Martin Rosenberg 
James R. Turnage 


C. A. Moses 


Laura S. Birdsong 
Billy D. Kramer 
Madeline H. Snead 
Faye Hensley Starr 
Ann Sleigleder 



Leo Blank 
Arnold L. Brown 
Hilda Garcia 
Frank A. Gonzalez 
Robert E. Holzgrafe 
Herbert C. Hoover 
George T. Hoylman 
Beverly Jones 
Harold O. Kamons 
Ulric J. Laquer 
Philip London 
Joseph H. Masters 
R. E. McClellan 
William B. Moncure 
John H. Moon 
Harry Nenni 
Heth Owen, Jr. 
David S. Palmstrom 
Donal S. Parker 
Irving E. Shafer, Jr. 
Stanley S. Simon 
Ralph J. Stalter 
Charles G. Thompson 
John L. Thornton, III 
C. V. Townsend 
Robert S. Turner, Jr. 
W. T. Walker 
W. Warren Walthall, Jr. 
Frederick Williams 
William O. Winston 


George H. Barnett 
Ralph L. Crabill 
Henry B. Field 
Ben M. Hiner 
Marvin Pleasants 
Charles H. Sugg 


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Mary Lou L. Barrier 
Jeanette W. Howard 
Joan M. Mancini 

Medical Technology 

Diane G. Winston 

Physical Therapy 

Barbara E. Teasdale 

Master of Science 

Joseph F. Kell, Jr. 
Emily E. Mueller 


Carlos S. Berrocal 
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R. Finley Gayle, III 
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Erma G. Boninsegna 
Joanna T. Kluck 
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Loretta F. Whanger 

Hospital Administration 

Nathan Bushnell, III 
James E. Case 
John C. Hess 
C. D. Jenkins 
Barrington Kinnard 
Joseph S. Stubbs 

Physical Therapy 

M. D. Bates 
Bernard W. Swift 




-. «**•" 

IE 6 



"""" ^i-^ ~ 

in duodenal ulcer therapy.. .anticholinergic benefits 


...■'"'■ ' ■ ' . ■ .■•'■ 

I »%* 

J&jiP i^v 



(To show symbolically how 
glycopyrrolate stops the burning pain 
of peptic ulcer, our photographer 
set fire to a section of an old stump 
and photographed it. Then, to 
dramatize healing, he patched the 
lesion with plastic wood and 
photographed the solid results.) 


brand of 

glycopyrrolate, 1 mg. per tablet 


glycopyrrolate, 1 mg., and phenobarbital, 

l A gr. per tablet/Warning: may be habit forming. 

produce solid results 

Glycopyrrolate establishes a more favorable 
healing environment for your ulcer patient. It 
reduces acid volume 1 " 4 . . .elevates and main- 
tains gastric pH 1 ... suppresses hypermotility 4 ' 5 
without affecting gastric emptying. 5 The inci- 
dence of disturbing side effects with glycopyr- 
rolate is extremely low 79 — proof that it caters 
to your patient's comfort. 

outstanding clinical results: Clinical results 

with glycopyrrolate have been outstanding. In 
795 reported cases of peptic ulcer, good to 
excellent results were achieved in 83.1%, or 
661. Posey sums it up when he says, "In effect 
with glycopyrrolate, one approaches an ideal 
agentforthe management of peptic ulcer. With 
it a vagolytic effect may be obtained without 
interfering with gastric emptying— the medical 
equivalent to vagectomy plus an adequate 
drainage procedure." 2 We invite you to try 
Robinul (glycopyrrolate) in your practice and 
discover firsthand how it establishes a more 
favorable healing environment to give you solid 
results in treating peptic ulcer. 

Side Effects: Dryness of mouth, blurred vision, 
urinary difficulties, and constipation are sel- 
dom troublesome and may generally be con- 
trolled by reduction of dosage. Other unwanted 
effects such as skin rashes have been reported 

Precautions: Administer with care to patients 
with incipient glaucoma. 

Contraindicated: In acute glaucoma, prostatic 
hypertrophy, and in the presence of urinary 
bladder neck obstruction or pyloric obstruction 
or stenosis with significant gastric retention. 

Robinul-PH is contraindicated in patients 
sensitive to phenobarbital or with advanced 
hepatic or renal disease. 

References: 1. Sun, D.C.H.: Ann. New York Acad. Sc. 99:153, 
Feb., 1962. 2. Posey, E. L, Jr.: Am. J. Digest Dis. 7:863, Oct., 1962. 

3. Slanger, A.: Journal of New Drugs 2:215, July-Aug., 1962. 

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Ann. New York Acad. Sc. 99:158, Feb., 1962. 



William M. Atkins 
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Emily H. Baxter 
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Mae W. Shehee 
Mary W. Stanford 

Hospital Administration 

William M. Bucher 
Hunter A. Grumbles 
William R. Reid 

Physical Therapy 

Richard B. Kemp 
Ruth M. Latimer 

Simeon H. Adams 
Wesley C. Bernhart 
Dudley E. Brown, Jr. 

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Hospital Administration 

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Physical Therapy 

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Sidney A. Krukin 



Bruce A. Baber 
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R. Ma 


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Carol B. Cantrell 
Jean B. Finley 
Elizabeth S. Mason 
Janice G. Proctor 
Shirley P. Shull 
Ann R. Yankovich 

Hospital Administration 

C. Robert Peery 
Ernest T. Sheen 





the bronchodilator 

with the intermediate dose of KI 

<9* combination of the four most widely used drugs for treatment of 
asthma. Each tablet contains Aminophylline 130 mg., Ephedrine 
HC1 16 mg., Phenobarbital 22 mg. (Warning: May be habit forming), 
Potassium Iodide 195 mg. — compounded for prompt absorption and 
balanced action, and buffered for tolerance. 

Dosage in asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis: 
One tablet with a full glass of water, 3 or 4 times a day. 
Precautions: The usual precautions for aminophylline-ephedrine- 
phenobarbital mixtures. Iodides may cause nausea, and very long use 
may cause goiter. Discontinue if symptoms of iodism develop. 
Contraindications of Iodides: Tuberculosis, pregnancy (to protect 
the fetus against possible depression of thyroid activity). 



^^ \& 

The Mudrane GG formula is identical to Mudrane except 
that Glyceryl Guaiacolate, 100 mg. replaces the Potassium 
Iodide as the mucolytic-expectorant. 

Glyceryl Guaiacolate has no known side effects. 

Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing 
these products without prescription 


Dispensed in bottles of 100 and 1000 tablets 


Manufacturers of ethical pharmaceuticals since 1856 



Benjamin L. Unde 
David G. William 


Donald R. Bailey 

Louisa S. Batman 

Richard F. Clark 

Frank H. Dudley 

James L. Ferrell 

Albert A. Fratrick 

Robert W. Fry 

Carl J. Greever 

William E. Hale 

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W. P. Wiltsee Young 


William F. Bryson 
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William K. Lennon 
Bennett Malbon 
George R. McGuire 
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Ronald D. Shocket 
N. Carl Wessinger 
Howard A. Woolwine 


Edward M. Durand 
Frank K. Harris 
Carl R. Johnson 
Richard B. Rice 


Julia W. Hylton 
Melody J. Marshall 
Ann B. Murray 
Clementine S. Pollok 
Sylvia W. Winchester 

Hospital Administration 

Carroll E. Clary 
Elwyn L. Derring 
Lester L. Lamb 
John D. Phillips 
Robert R. Shields 
J. Crenshaw Th 
Kenneth L. Waddell 
John D. Worley, J 




James P. Baker 
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John Robert Blackmori 
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Arnauld F. Scafidi 


Martha C. Bragg 
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Ella A. Moore 
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Doris C. Scott 
Brenda K. Stubbs 
Anne Sullivan 
Joanne E. Tocce 
Catherine R. Utz 
Frances L. Whitlock 

Hospital Administration 

Edward D. Bennett 
Warren R. Belts 
Howard Colon 
Garlond E. Evers 
William D. Gibson 
John R. McKinney 
John H. Tobin, Jr. 
Samuel T. Waddell, Jr. 

Medical Technology 

Josie V. Garner 

Physical Therapy 

Anna Lou Cole 
Gail F. Neal 


Charles V. Ashworth, Jr 
David A. Boska 

J. D. Christian, Jr. 

John P. Clarke 

James L. Ghaphery 

Robert L. Gilliland 

John A. Hagy 

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J. Lee Mathews, Jr. 

Lewis M. Omer, III 

John A. Rawls 

W. Peter Reyelt, Jr. 

William L. Robbins, Jr. 

John P. Shells 

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Halsey K. Van Duyne 

James R. Wickhom 

Thomas C. Wilson 


Edmund Gerald Barron 
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Donald G. Doeppe 
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Loretta Mae McPhee 
R. Harry Mewborn, Jr. 
B. P. Staley 

William N. Thompson, Jr 
John P. Weaver 
Robert E. Willey, Jr. 


Jane V. Adair 
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Peggy A. Bohannon 
Mary Jo D. Butler 
Eleanor H. Garrett 
Sallie Ann Hughes 
Carole O. McGregor 
Charlotte W. Pollard 
Barbara B. Schroll 
Shirley Jean Thompson 
Jean M. Turner 

Hospital Administration 

Joseph B. Ahlschier 
William R. Draper 
Jack R. Hodge 
Robert Johnson 
Lisle T. Lenny 
George A. Mathews 
William T. Rundio 
William A. Selvey, Jr. 
Jack L. Shelton 
James I. Sublett 


O. Riley Boon 
David Brandt 

Harold W. Burnette 
H. Ray Finney 
Harold L. Goldberg 
Mortimer D. Heizer 
Rufus O. Howard 
Victor E. Mazzocco 
Burton A. Moss 


Richard K. Ames 
Thomos E. Burke 
Joseph H. Morgan 
Francis W. Sheild 
Ronald I. Stollings 
Alan J. Wilensky 
Lucien B. Yarbrough, Jr. 


Walter L. Barnes, Jr. 
Edward M. Blackwell 
Donald C. Grizzard 
John H. Hosteller 
Joseph E. Layman, Jr. 
L. Thomas Murray, Jr. 
Connie H. Neef 
William T. Patrick, Jr. 
Kay P. Showalter 
Ray D. Smith 
Thomas F. Womble, III 
Frederick R. Wright 

F. Tyler Yates 


Judith H. Barton 
Mary Margaret Bean 
Kitty Sue Boddie 
Mable C. Cluff 
Diana L. Dudley 
Jeanette Harwell 
Susan S. Lynch 
Janet L. Pratt 
♦Cecile H. Reese 
Frances R. Reilly 
Vivian W. Sawyer 
Shirley B. Schuyler 
Ellen E. Siddons 
Jeanette C. Swicegood 

Hospital Administration 

Kenneth H. Axtell 
Alfred L. Burkholder 
Curtis A. Clayton 
William H. Green, Jr. 
Irwin B. Heinemann 

G. Bruce McFadden 
Nelson L. St. Clair, Jr. 
Barry M. Spero 
Walter White 

Physical Therapy 

Barbara Greco 


Robert W. Allen 
Robert L. Bowman 
Owen W. Brodie 
Robert R. Chaplin, Jr. 
Robert A. Damerson, Jr 
G. Wayne Fralin 
Ralph E. Godsey 
Austin B. Harrelson 
Charles- E. Johnston 
Robert E. Kanich 
Robert G. Kendall 
Marguerite A. Kern 
Neil D. Kravetz 
Betty Lee Mundy 
James E. Poteet 
Irwin Rappaport 

William H. Schmid 
Charles M. Suttenfleld 


A. Tracy Aitcheson 
J. Wilson Ames, Jr. 
Jack H. Brenner 
William S. Driscoll 
Robert W. Goode 
Lowell L. Hess 
Robert K. Hubbard, Jr. 
James E. Johnson, Jr. 



Leo N. Lampros 
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Alexander J. Mollis 
W. Linwood Outten, 
Paul A. Pirkle 
Michael N. Prunry 
James A. Robertson 
Howard E. Quillen 
George R. Vaughan 
Raymond P. White, . 
E. Patterson Woodwr 



Carolyn A. Bass 
J. Samuel Davis 
Elmer R. Deffenbaugh, Jr. 
Carl F. Emswiller, Jr. 
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Charles E. Kipps 
M. Russell Magee 
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Jerry M. Wood 


Anne R. Beggarly 
Glenna A. Bratten 
Susan E. Brown 
Carolyn S. Doggett 
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Sharon L. Haynes 
Martha Ann Helton 
Gaylia K. Hudgins 
Evelyn V. McCoy 
Brenda W. Morgan 
Julia B. Schmidt 
Carol E. Steiner 
Shirley M. Thomas 
Dorothy L. Thorpe 
Barbara A. Wheat 

Hospital Administration 

Deane E. Beamer 

George R. Berch 

A. Katheryn Berry 

Sidney Goldin 

Peter Lambert 

Garland C. Llewellyn, Jr. 

Robert G. Payne, Jr. 

Medical Technology 

Phyllis M. Harrison 
Linda L. Hearn 
Joanne Parks 
Elizabeth P Roberts 

Physical Therapy 

Linda J. Harwell 
F. Anne Hughes 
Elizabeth M. Swinler 



Arnold Lee Abrams 
Gerald Allen 
James H. Baird 
John T. Bonner 
James I. Botsford 
Jameson G. Buston, II 
Walker H. Campbell 
Norwood C Cardozo, Jr. 
Charles B. M. Chapman 
Morton Coleman 
Philip G. Coleman 
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Harry Thomas, Jr. 
Charles E. Umstott 
Lawrence E. Valentine 
Truman J. Wakeman 
Ebb K. Whitley, Jr. 
Thomas M. Winn, Jr. 
Keith H. Wolford 
John Evans Yurko 


Arthur L. Alexander 
John F. Armstrong, Jr. 

Robert Y. Baldwin 
Harold J. Barrett, Jr. 
Robert S. Berman 
Robert H. Blease 
G. Thomas Bryce, Jr. 
Paul H. Busker 
Richard R. Butterworth 
Francis F. Carr, Jr. 
Leonard P. Chandler, Jr. 
S. T. Childers 
Richard E. Conner 
Robert L. Deal 
George D. Delo, Jr. 
Karl L. Duff 
Robert N. Emory 
Kenneth M. Fleenor 
W. C. Fuqa 

Dunbar Oswald Godbold 
Robert F. Graham 
John W. Gregory 
William S. Harrison 
Walker W. Hay 
Winferd D. Holt 
Virgil Howell 
Joseph A. Huszty 

C. W. Kennedy, Jr. 
M. Kerneklian 
Charles R. Killingsworth 
Richard A. LeHew 
Robert E. Marlin 

M. L. Martin 
Patricia B. Martin 
Beechard C. McConnell, Jr 
Julian C. Metts, Jr. 
Charles H. Nelson, Jr. 
George S. Neuman 

D. G. Noland 
George Orlove 

E. P. Osborne, Jr. 
Edward L. Overman 
Clyde T. Padgett 

C. H. Porter, Jr. 
Dennis B. Rinker 
James O. Roberson 
William G. Sandifer, Jr. 
Ralph E. Schnee 
J. M. Shepherd, Jr. 
E. T. Sherman 
Emmette C. Skinner, Jr. 
Benjamin J. Stebor, III 
A. R. Suskin 
Richard P. Suter 
Davis R. Suyes, Jr. 
Cephas V. Thomason, III 
William M. Vaughan 
M. Bagley Walker, Jr. 
John W. Willhide 
Billie C. Wilson 
John F. Wolfe, Jr. 
T. G. Yarbrough 
Allan S. Zeno 
Joe F. Zoll 


Joseph R. Adams 
Ruth W. Anderson 
Raeford W. Bain 
Edward G. Barker 
James V. Barnett 
Michael R. Beahm 

Franklin R. Bennett 
P. Douglas Berry, Jr. 
R. Michael Berryman 
Barbara T. Bolte 
Billy W. Chamberlain 
Donald F. Clark 
Rorer E. Clift 
Betty M. Daniels 
Shelia K. Derman 
William B. Dotten 
Susan R. Early 
E. William Elliott, Jr. 
William R. Evans 
Robert M. Friend 
Allan B. Frost 
Alice M. Graham 
Hugh A. Green 
David W. Greenwood 
James B. Guynn, Jr. 
Arline L. Hagaman 
Clarence E. Hall 
Stuart H. Hamilton, Jr. 
William J. Hill 
George B. Holzbach, Jr. 
Gerald C. Jones 
Samuel W. Jones, Jr. 
George E. Kellam 
Bernard F. Krimm 
Robert H. Leavelle, Jr. 
Judy Ann Lipkin 
Charles D. Littlefield 
Harold F. Madagan, Jr. 
David D. Marshall 
Jane G. McAllister 
David J. McKinney 
Robert L. Miller 
Adron D. Moore 
Jean W. Moss 
John E. Mundy 
Virginia L. Nuaro 
A. Keith Overstreet 
Patricia Ann Pope 
Thomas E. Rayf.eld 
James B. Robinson 
Jerry W. Robinson 
Marianne R. Rollings 
Steven T. Soger 
Joseph B. Schwartz 
John R. Sharpe 
Frank N. Stahl 
Howard O. Wachsmann 
Jackson T. Word 
Louise M. Whitehead 
Shelburn M. Williams 

Nursing (B.A.) 

Joan E. Blesse 
Earlene W. Canaan 
Barbara F. Custard 
Norvelle V. Decker 
Cynthia G. Delong 
Doris A. Dickenson 
Maxine E. Fieldson 
Suzanne Gill 
Joyce Ann Gray 
Sarah A. Griffiths 
Floranne Hinton 
Emma G. Hix 
Virginia M. Hrbek 
Frances E. Hubbard 

Rochelle Ann Johns 
Clytis L. Matthews 
Mary G. Murray 
Jo Ann O'Dell 
Rebecca L. Powell 
Edith J. Price 
Dixie V. Rast 
Susan O. Rowlings 
Ann T. Robinson 
Judith A. Simms 
Lolita J. Smith 
Claramae Stevens 
Carolyn S. Stewart 
Elizabeth A. Wilkinson 
Susan E. Williams 
Carolyn J. Winfrey 
Janice Ann Wood 
Melinda S. Woodward 
Nancy G. Wren 

Nursing (A.D.) 

Ellen Kay Brumback 
Ann Clark 
Lynda L. Conner 
Anne Howard Moon 
Carol Berger Peck 
Nancy I. Rippey 
Donna Gay Simmons 
Lula Wampler Thomason 

Hospital Administration 

Clyde H. Barner 
James K. Johnson 


Ebbe C. Hoff 
William T. Sanger 
William F. Tompkins 
Warren E. Weaver 


Wasfi A. Atiyeh 
S. Elmer Bear 
Lewis H. Bosher, Jr. 



Reunion, ? 64, — 
Do Come 

Paul D. Camp 
Earnest B. Carpenter 
B. Noland Carter, II 
Mary Karherine Cary 
Paul L. Chevalier 
James B. Dalton 
John G. dos Santos 
Albert M. Edmonds 
Ernst Fischer 
John C. Forbes 
Joseph Gazala 
Robert L. Gordon 
Keiichi Goshi 
A. Stephens Graham 
Edwin W. Hakala 
Campbell Harris, Jr. 
Jacquelin M. Harrison 
Kathryn Heitshu 
Miles E. Hench 
Susanne Hirt 
Randolph H. Hoge 
Guy W. Horsley 
David M. Hume 
Louise Jones 
William R. Jordon 

June 5 

Soul Kay 

Edwin L. Kendig, Jr. 

Donald P. King 
Paul Larson 
Richard G. Lester 
William M. Lordi 
George Margolis 
Walter Mayer 
Charles E. S. McKeown 
Mary Susan J. Mellette 
G. Kenneth Miller 
Robert E. Mitchell, Jr. 
Leroy S. Pearce 
Allen Pepple 
Frank P. Pitts 
Louree Pottinger 
George R. Prout, Jr. 
Benjamin W. Rawles, Jr 
E. S. Ray 
Sami I. Said 
Eric C. Schelin 
Jacob Silverberg 
Arnold F. Strauss 
Cary Grayson Suter 
J. Warrick Thomas 
John W. Ward 
Tureman G. Weaver 
Armistead M. Williams 
Corrington Williams, Jr. 
Louis H. Williams 

Dental Affiliates 

Robert H. Rubin 
Stanton J. Teitelman 

Pharmacy Affiliates 

John F. Barrett 
J. Leonard Beck 
Charles E. Britt 
L. C. Campbell 
Lester Cooper 
W. A. Heod 
Stephen Huband 
C. E. Hunter 
John C. Jurgens 
J. B. Lipscomb 
William H. Mease 
E. W. W. Perry 
Leroy Riddle 
Dan Rogers 
Louis Schline 
Marshall S. Smith 
C. L. Stiteler 
J. C. Trout 
L. L. Van Huss 
M. P. Webb 

House Staff 

Odie D. Brackin 
Macon S. Couk 
Bernard A. Lublin 
George A. Reynolds 
Italo P. Rinaldi 
Virginia E. Till 


Jonah L. Larrick 
R. F. Burke Steele 





Deans' Page 

School of Nursing 

One purpose for publishing the words 
and notation about the MCV school of 
nursing song in the last issue of The 
Scarab was to clarify our understand- 
ing of the matter. 

In spite of careful checking by as many 
of us as possible, we find now that our 
information about the origin and author- 
ship of the song was incorrect. Through 
the medium of The Scarab, we have re- 
ceived correspondence which indicates 
the need for further validation of the au- 
thorship. We would appreciate hearing 
from anyone who has specific information 
which could shed more light on the 
matter, with respect to the song's origin 
in words and music. 

The school of nursing initiated its 
'63-'64 academic session with an enroll- 
ment of 270 students. Two hundred 
twenty-four enrolled in the baccalaureate 
degree program and 34 in the associate 
degree program. We are pleased to have 

matriculated, also, four registered nurses 
as full-time students and seven as part- 
time students. 

The year ahead looks exciting and 

Doris B. Yingling, dean 

School of Pharmacy 

The first students to graduate in the 
five-year program are now in our senior 
class. This class of students numbers 25, 
a marked decrease from the class of 
1963, but more than most schools of 
pharmacy will graduate next spring. The 
class of 1965 will also be relatively small 
and will number about 35-40 next year. 
We enrolled a good group of second 
year students and the class of 1966 pres- 
ently is 71 students. We thank all of our 
alumni who sent us qualified students. 

We are starting to enroll students for 
entrance in 1964 and any youngster who 
will have 32 semester hours of college 
work by the fall of 1964 made up of 8 
semester hours of chemistry or biology, 6 
hours of mathematics, 6 hours of English, 
and 12 hours of non-science electives may 
be eligible. 

Warren E. Weaver, dean 




M 111 




School of Hospital 

June, 1963, graduation brought the 
total number of alumni, after thirteen 
years of existence as a school, to 142. In 
this period of time, nine are known to 
have left the field of hospital administra- 
tion, one has died, and eight are listed 
as positions unknown. 

Graduates in top administrative posts 
are 53; those in secondary administrative 
posts are 64; others are in related fields. 
Fifty-six are employed in Virginia. The 
next largest number of alumni, 16, are 
employed in Florida. North Carolina is 
next with 11. 

Admitted to the school in September 
for possible graduation two years hence 
were 16 students from the following 
states: Virginia, 5; West Virginia, 2; 
Wisconsin, 2; Michigan, 1; New York, 1; 
North Carolina, 1 ; Connecticut, 1 ; South 
Carolina, 1; Ohio, 1; and Tennessee, 1. 
Robert Hudgens, director 

Department of Dietetics 

Again another school year has gotten 
underway. We are proud to announce 
that Miss Mary Kelly is now a member of 
our staff again in the capacity of educa- 
tion director for our internship program. 
We have already seen some fruits of her 
labors with our new group of interns. 
We do plan for bigger and better things 
now that we have Miss Kelly to devote 
full time to working with interns and 
staff in our education program. 

The '63-64 group of interns come 
from far and near. They number eleven 
and come from the following states and 

Virginia — 4, Florida — 1, South Caro- 
lina — 1, Illinois — 1, Texas — 1, Louisiana 
— 1, Phillipines — 1, China — 1. 

We will bring you news of our activi- 
ties through the year. The welcome mat 
is always out, so come see us any time. 
Kathryn W. Heitshu, director of 

School of Radiation Technology 

It is quite noticeable that in the last 
few years the department of radiology 
has taken on a new face. This seems in 
direct proportion to the hospital's new 
advances in every aspect. The "new look" 
penetrates from the surface to the depart- 
ment's inner core, encompasses person- 


nel, machines, methods, and functions. 
Along with the modern look and in 
stride with progress, the addition of the 
isotope division was welcomed. The de- 
partment in its entirety is now chiefly 
composed of twenty diagnostic machines, 
of which six are combination fluoroscopy 
units, three being equipped with image 
amplifiers. There are in operation six mo- 
bile units, one head unit, two body sec- 
tion machines, one polaroid unit, one 
70mm unit, two therapy machines, and 
an isotope laboratory. 

Many of these new machines, in 
themselves, are quite unique and com- 
plex, affording more varied and better 
results. Because of this highly mech- 
anized equipment, more skill is re- 
quired of the department's staff. For in- 
stance, the diagnostic division includes 
closed circuit television, cineradiography, 
a Semmens body section unit, two San- 
chez-Perez seriographs, and one bi-plane 
Schonander seriograph, just to mention a 

The radiation therapy division boasts 
of a two-million volt maxitron therapy 
machine including closed circuit televi- 
sion and a unique dual purpose 100,000- 
300,000 volt machine. A cobalt unit will 
also soon be a reality. 

The advanced and sprawling isotope 
and neuclear medicine division is in- 
deed a field also requiring special skilled 
personnel to match this growing field. 
This division maintains ten varying types 
of machines. Because isotopes now has 
in action a definite training program, a 
forward step has recently been taken to 
set down basic training requirements. A 
radio-isotope technologist is a special- 
ized radiologic technologist who has suc- 
cessfully completed a two-year accredited 
program. Then after a thirteen-week in- 
ternship in isotopes, the technologist is 
eligible for a national board registry ex- 
amination; the first of which was recently 
given in this state. Because of such pro- 
grams and the facilities available, special- 
ists and student training in radiology at 
the Medical College of Virginia receive 
more opportunities to better equip them- 
selves to match and support the modern 
advances in medicine. 

Jean Gossage, chief technologist 

School of Dentistry 


School of Dentistry 

January 27 and 28, 1964 

ENDODONTICS: Dr. Harry Bleckman, New York University 

sity of Alabama 

DENTURE PROSTHESIS: Colonel Frank C. Jerbi, Walter Reed Army Medical 

Walter Reed Army Medical Center 

versity of Alabama 

Waggener, University of Nebraska 

PERIODONTICS: Dr. Howard L. Ward, New York University 

BREAKFAST WITH THE EXPERTS: A new feature starring our five first- 
day speakers in breakfast conferences. A man-size breakfast will be served for five 
conference groups at eight o'clock on the second day. The coffee pot will be kept 
hot and our visiting experts will lead warm discussions until ten o'clock. 
For your social enjoyment: LUNCHEONS (2), SOCIAL HOUR, BANQUET- 

Headquarters Hotel: THE JOHN MARSHALL. Make your hotel reservations now! 
Registration fee of $25.00 covers the entire program in a package deal. An extra fee 
of $8.00 will admit your FAIR LADY to the social hour and banquet. 

Our faculty hopes that you will afford them the privilege of greeting you at 

Harry Lyons, dean 



Newcomen Society 
Honors MCV 

(Continued from page 8) 

tendency of many Southerners to seek 
medical education in the Northern cities 
where a longer period of training was 
required. As a result he established the 
University College of Medicine and pro- 
vided courses of comparable length with 
ample laboratory work. The new college 
also included schools of dentistry and 
pharmacy. As the quality of instruction 
improved, so did the enrollment until the 
financial strain became unbearable for an 
institution without endowment resources. 
A plan was adopted which provided for 
the transfer of the Memorial Hospital to 
a consolidated medical college consisting 
of the Medical College of Virginia and 
the University College of Medicine, there- 
by forming a stronger institution as re- 
gards both teaching and patient care. 

Periodically there were discussions con- 
cerning the possibility of combining the 
Medical College with the school of medi- 
cine of the University of Virginia. It was 
proposed that the school be located in 
Richmond as a part of the University and 
that all the property of the College be 
deeded to the University. The final con- 

sideration of this proposal resulted in the 
introduction of a bill in the General As- 
sembly which won approval in the House 
of Delegates but was defeated in the 
Senate. Today we realize the wisdom of 
the action of the Senate, as Virginia is 
fortunate to have two medical schools to 
meet the ever increasing needs of the 
Commonwealth for physicians. 

World War I again found the Medical 
College making an important contribu- 
tion to the military service. The 45th Base 
Hospital was organized by the College 
and won favorable commendation from 
the War Department for outstanding 
service while stationed in Toul, France. 

Following W.W. I, a period of expan- 
sion and improvement was initiated un- 
der the leadership of Dr. William T. 
Sanger, who succeeded Stuart McGuire as 
president in 1925. The strong support of 
members of the Board of Visitors and 
other friends provided impetus for the 
program which saw a growth of faculty 
and physical plant that enabled the Col- 
lege to take its proper place as an out- 
standing educational institution in the 
health field. 

World War II found the College pro- 
viding the cadre for the 45 th General 
Hospital which was organized at Fort Lee 


Richmond Memorial 


and saw service in North Africa and Italy. 
The surgeon general of the Army cited 
the unit for their effectiveness in the care 
and treatment of patients which resulted 
in an unprecedented low-mortality rate 
for military operations. 

At the close of the war, the College 
had an influx of students that taxed the 
facilities and faculty. A new program of 
strengthening and expansion was initi- 
ated. Many faculty members were added 
and a facilities program begun which has 
culminated in the opening of the medi- 
cal education building during 1963. 

The seven individuals who perhaps 
have contributed most through the years 
are Dean Augustus L. Warner, the mov- 
ing genius among the founders; the 
strong and able men who carried the 
major burden of responsibility during the 
civil war years, Deans Levin S. Joynes and 
James B. McCaw; Dean Christopher 
Tompkins who established the MCV 
schools of dentistry, pharmacy and nurs- 
ing and directed the affairs of the Col- 
lege for twenty progressive years; the 
two who did the most to effectuate the 
consolidation of MCV and UCM, Dr. 
Stuart McGuire and Dr. George Ben 
Johnston; and Dr. William T. Sanger, the 
man who guided the destiny of the col- 
lege for 31 years. 

The dinner was attended by nearly 
three hundred of Richmond's most dis- 
tinguished citizens and faculty members 
of the institution. This was an occasion 
in which all alumni may take special pride 
and one which did honor to the institu- 
tion in a fitting manner. 

The complete text of Dr. Smith's ad- 
dress will be published and distributed 
at an early date. 

John H. Heil, assistant president 


1908UCM David E. Stone (D), of Rocky 
Mount, Virginia, lias died according to the 
post office. 

Ivy L. Thomason (N), of Fredericksburg, 
Virginia, has died according to the post 

1911UCM Percy E. Schools (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died in August. 
1913UCM John A. Ligon (P), of Clarks- 
ville, Virginia, died. 

1914 George Bentley Byrd (M), of Nor- 
folk, Virginia died on April 29. He served 
in the Navy during World Wars I and II, 
retiring in 1952 as captain. Dr. Byrd also 
was a member of the faculty of the Uni- 
versity of Virginia. 

1915 Edward B. Kilby (M), of Newport 
News, Virginia, died on. July 18. He prac- 
ticed in Toano and Williamsburg from 
1923 to 1958. 


1917 Adlai Ewing Stephenson Lilly (M), 
of Richmond, Virginia, died on July 27. 
He received his master's degree in internal 
medicine from the University of Pennsyl- 
vania. Dr. Lilly was on the staff of Rich- 
mond Memorial Hospital and Retreat for 
the Sick and a director of the Medical 
Arts Building Corporation. 

1922 H. Archer Wooldridge (D), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died on September 26. He 
was a veteran of World War I. 

1923 Reuben Richard Sloan (P), of Ruth- 
erfordton. North Carolina, died on August 
12. He had been owner of Sloan Drug 
Company until his retirement in 1959. 

1927 Thomas Stuart Bowyer (M), of Bal- 
timore, Maryland, died in early September. 
He was a specialist in obstetrics and 
gynecology. Dr. Bowyer was a member of 
the staff of St. Agnes and Bon Secours 
hospitals and chief physician of St. Vin- 
cent's Infant Home. 

1928 Thomas Henning Anderson (M), of 
Lawrenceville, Virginia, died on July 17. 
He was a general practitioner and medical 
examiner for Brunswick County and a 
member of the county electoral board. Dr. 
Anderson was a surgeon for the Atlantic 
and Danville Railroad. 

1929 Charles L. Baird (M), of Farmville, 
Virginia, died on July 15. He was a ra- 
diologist at Southside Community Hos- 
pital. Dr. Baird served in World War II 
winning the Legion of Merit and the 

Garden Spot for Senior Citizens 

Listed by 

American Hospital Association 



24 Hours Daily Professional Supervision 


Each Patient Attended By Their Own Doctor 

• Registered Nurse and M.C.V. Extern 

• Nutritious Food by Trained Dietitian 

• Automatic titter-size Hydraulic Elevator 

• Sprinkler System Throughout Building 

• Trained Staff of Nurses and Orderlies 

• 5 Terraced Acres for Strolling or Parking 

• Private and Multiple Rooms with Toilets 

• Rates start at $65 Weekly, General Care 
Member: Va. and American Nursing Home Astns. 

Bernard Maslan, Administrator 

"Understanding Care" 

Terrace Hill Nursing Home 

2112 Monteiro Ave., Richmond, Va. Ml 3-2777 


Bronze Star in the Battle of the Bulge. 
R. Bridgeforth Hutcheson (D), of Cbase 
City, Virginia, died on July 17, 1963. 

1930 Thomas J. Banton (P), of Madison 
Heights, Virginia, died on May 7. He was 
a former owner of Madison Pharmacy and 
presently had been employed by Patterson 
Drug Companv. 

1931 Harold Wilbur Miller (M), of Wood- 
stock, Virginia, died on July 4. He was a 
county medical examiner for Shenandoah 
County, a member of the State Board of 
Health, and the Virginia Council on High- 
er Education. 

1938 Edward G. Sharp (M), of Philadel- 
phia, Pennsylvania, died on August 15 after 
suffering a heart attack the preceding aft- 
ernoon. He had practiced there since he 
completed his residency. Dr. Sharp was 
active in many phases of his profession, 
serving as chairman of the civil defense 
committee of the Philadelphia County Med- 
ical Society from 1956 to 1959 in which he 
brought national recognition to himself and 
the society, as chairman of the Society's 
standing committee on public relations 
since 1960, and as medical supervisor of 
the Philadelphia school district. He was 
also on the committee on disaster medicine 
and the commission on public relations of 
the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Dr. 
Sharp will be sorely missed by us as he 
was one of the main cogs in the Delaware 
Valley Chapter of the Alumni Association. 
1946 Mary H. Rourke (Diet.), of Tucson, 
Arizona, died on April 26. Miss Rourke 
was head therapeutic dietician at St. 
Mary's hospital, San Francisco, Califor- 
nia, from 1947 to 1953 and a member of 
the staff of the California bureau of health 
nutrition since 19^3. 

1954 James Reginald Cochran (M), of 
Laurinburg, North Carolina, was killed in 
an automobile accident on June 30. He 
was a specialist in obstetrics and gynecol- 

Glass Hews 

1907UCM Howard G. Whitehead (P), of 
Richmond, Virginia, was elected honorary 
president of the National Association of 
Boards of Pharmacy recently at their 
Miami meeting. 

1917 S. B. Wright (P), of Hampton, Vir- 
ginia, was re-elected a member of the VPA 
council by the Peninsula Pharmaceutical 

1922 Charles M. Caravati (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, was guest speaker at the 
annual meeting of the Medical Association 
of the State of Alabama on April 25-26. He 
spoke before the section on internal medi- 
cine on "Hepatic Structure and Function 
in Health and Disease" and before the 
general session on "The Management of 
the Gastric Ulcer." Dr. Caravati partici- 
pated in a panel on "Newer Developments 
in Internal Medicine." 

1924 Frank C. Fuqua (P), of Fredericks- 
burg, Virginia, was elected president of 
the Rappahannock Pharmaceutical Asso- 

S. Nelson Gray (D), of Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia, is the representative to the Liaison 
Committee to the Fifth District Trustee 
of the ADA. 
O. R. Hodgin (D) and his wife, of Thom- 

asville, North Carolina, left August 27 on 
the Matsonia for Hawaii. They returned 
on September 12 by jet. 
1927 W. Linwood Ball (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, attended the American Academy 
of General Practice State Officers' Con- 
ference in Kansas City in September. 

1929 Bernard Behrman (P), of Norfolk, 
Virginia, was recently installed as presi- 
dent of the Tidewater Pharmaceutical As- 

Chapman H. Binford (M), of Arlington, 
Virginia, has been appointed medical di- 
rector of the 35-year-old Leonard Wood- 
ward Memorial (American Leprosy Foun- 
dation). He was formerly chief of geo- 
graphic pathology at the Armed Forces 
Institute of Pathology in Washington. He 
will continue to occupy this post until a 
successor is found, as he directs leprosy 
research for the foundation. 
Thomas N. Hunnicutt, Jr. (M), of New- 
port News, Virginia, had an exhibit on 
"Pulmonary Function in Electric-arc Weld- 
ers Compared to Nonwelders" in conjunc- 
tion with John T. Myles (M'55), of New- 
port News, Virginia, at the Medical Society 
of Virginia meeting in October. 

1930 John Wyatt Davis, Jr. (M) of 
Lynchburg, Virginia, was the morning 
moderator at the Blue Ridge Academy of 
General Practice postgraduate seminar at 
Roanoke on August 10. He attended the 
American Academy of General Practice 
State Officers' Conference in Kansas City 
in September. 

Julian H. Yeatman (M), of Fork Union, 
Virginia, has been elected vice-president 
of the Virginia Medical Service Associa- 

1931 Otis G. King (M), of Bluefield, West 
Virginia, is president elect of the West 
Virginia Heart Association. 

Ira L. Hancock (M), of Creeds, Virginia, 
has been reappointed to the State Hospital 
Board by the Governor of Virginia. 

1932 Harriette A. Patteson (N), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, attended an institute on 
continuing education in nursing in Atlanta, 

John B. Todd (D), of Newport News, Vir- 
ginia, is chairman of the budget commit- 
tee of the Virginia State Dental Associa- 

1933 Samuel F. Driver (M), of Roanoke, 
Virginia, has been elected vice-president 
of the Virginia Academy of General Prac- 
tice. Fie was the moderator for the after- 
noon session of the Blue Ridge Academy 
of General Practice postgraduate seminar 
in Roanoke in September. At this same 
meeting, David S. Garner (M), of Roa- 
noke, Virginia, introduced the guest speak- 

Byrnal M. Haley (D), of Warrenton, Vir- 
ginia, is chairman of the military affairs 
committee of the Virginia State Dental 

George C. White (P), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, has been selected as financial sec- 
retary of the Tidewater Pharmaceutical 

1934 Frank W. Jones (M), of Newton, 
North Carolina, is chairman of the in- 
surance industry liaison committee of the 
Medical Society of the State of North 
Carolina as well as chairman of the com- 
mittee on nominations. 

Philip W. Oden (M), of Ronceverte, West 
Virginia, has been chosen president of the 
Greenbrier County school board. 
Peter N. Pastore (M), of Richmond, Vir- 


ginia, has been awarded a national cer- 
tificate of merit and a pin for his out- 
standing contributions to the area cancer 
program by the American Cancer Society. 
1935 Moffett H. Bowman (D), of Roa- 
noke, Virginia, is chairman of the time 
and place of meeting committee of the 
Virginia State Dental Association. 
S. L. Elfmon (M), of Fayetteville, North 
Carolina, has been elected president of 
the Fayetteville Lions Club. 
James Q. Gant, Jr. (M), of Washington, 
D. C, has been promoted to clinical pro- 
fessor of dermatology and syphilology at 
George Washington University school of 
medicine, where he has been associated 
since 1946. Dr. Gant continues his private 
practice in his field and is chief of der- 
matology and allergy at the outpatient de- 
partment of the veterans benefit office of 
the VA in Washington. He continues, as 
well, his work in astrology particularly on 
the moon's surface. 

John P. Lynch (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, was appointed chief of the medical 
staff of the Virginia Home for Incurables. 
Gus R. Stevens (D), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, has given up the practice of den- 
tistry due to a highly sensitive skin con- 
dition to begin a second career in real 

1937 Quinton E. Cooke (M), of Murfrees- 
boro, North Carolina, is a vice-councilor 
for the Medical Society of the State of 
North Carolina from the first district. 
William B. Hoover (M), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, was installed as corresponding sec- 
retary of the Norfolk County Medical So- 

Richard N. O'Dell (M), of Charleston, 
West Virginia, presented a paper at the 



For business or pleasure 
Begins at home with expert planning 
by your Richmond owned and oper- 
ated Travel Service — 

Forty-three years of service means 



Reservations and tickets 

for all 



Complete Travel Service at 
Home and Abroad 


708 E. Grace 

scientific session of the West Virginia 
Diabetes Association on September 7. 
1938 David M. Cogdell (M), of Fayette- 
ville, North Carolina, is chairman of the 
committee on medicare of the Medical So- 
ciety of the State of North Carolina. 
1939' L. H. Crockett (P), of Wytheville, 
Virginia, has been named a council mem- 
ber by the Southwest Virginia Pharma- 
ceutical Association. 

Fernando E. Rodriquez (D), of Arlington, 
Virginia, is chairman of the clinic com- 
mittee for the Virginia State Dental As- 

1940 W. Yates League (D), of Richmond, 
Virginia, is chairman of the dental service 
corporation committee of the Virginia 
State Dental Association. 

1940 Edward Y. Lovelace, Jr. (D), of Bed- 
ford, Virginia, is chairman of the relief 
committee of the Virginia State Dental 

1941 David M. Bear (D), of Richmond, 
Virginia, is chairman of the legislative 
committee of the Virginia State Dental 
Association. Joseph M. Kline, Jr. (D), of 
Arlington, Virginia, is chairman of the 
advisory committee to the dental hygien- 
ists and John G. Wall (D), of Charlottes- 
ville, Virginia, is chairman of the consti- 
tution and bylaws committee of the same 

Paul H. Caplan (P), of Norfolk, Virginia, 
is the newly-elected president of the Tide- 
water Pharmaceutical Association. 
Linwood S. Leavitt (P), of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, is a member of the board of direc- 
tors of the Tidewater Pharmaceutical As- 

Carl P. Parker, Jr. (M), of Falls Church, 
Virginia, has been awarded a certificate 
of merit by the board of trustees of the 
Fairfax Hospital in recognition of his 
efforts in organizing the institute's original 
medical staff. 

1942 C. S. Lawson, Jr. (M), of Fairmont, 
West Virginia, has been elected a mem- 
ber of the board of the Marion County 
Medical Society. 

Cyril R. Mirmelstein (D), of Newport 
News, Virginia, is chairman of the dental 
education committee of the Virginia State 
Dental Association. 

1943M William J. Hagood, Jr. (M), of 
Clover, Virginia, attended the American 
Academy of General Practice State Of- 
ficers' Conference in Kansas City in Sep- 

David Kafka (P), of Alexandria, Virginia, 
is the new president of the Potomac Phar- 
maceutical Association. 
William T. Lawson (M), of Fairmont, 
West Virginia, has been elected vice- 
president of the Marion County Medical 

1943D Robert A. Hoffman (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, has been chosen president 
of the Virginia Chapter of the National 
Kidney Disease Foundation. 
Virgil R. May, Jr. (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, presented a paper in conjunction 
with Ernest L. Clements, Jr. (M'59), also 
of Richmond, on "Epiphyseal Stapling to 
Control Leg Length Growth" at the Med- 
ical Society of Virginia meeting in Roa- 
noke on October 9. 

1944 Thomas C. Iden (M), of Berryville, 
Virginia, has been appointed to the State 
board of health by the Governor of Vir- 

Charles B. Wilkerson (M), of Raleigh, 
North Carolina, is chairman of the com- 


mittee of credentials to the House of Del- 
egates of the Medical Society of the State 
of North Carolina. 

1945 Owen Gwathmey (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, served as moderator for the panel 
discussion at the afternoon session on Oc- 
tober 7 at the Medical Society of Virginia 

Ernest W. Larkin, Jr., of Washington, 
North Carolina, is a vice-councillor for 
the second district of the Medical Society 
of the State of North Carolina. 
Archie C. Thompson (M), of Elkins, West 
Virginia, is the newly-elected vice-presi- 
dent of the West Virginia Heart Asso- 

1946 Claude C. Coleman, Jr. (M), of Char- 
lottesville, Virginia, presented a paper on 
"The Unsatisfactory Facial Scar" at the 
Medical Society of Virginia meeting in 
Roanoke, on October 7. He also had an 
exhibit on "Surgical Management of Ex- 
tensive Cardinomas of the Mouth and 

John A. Gill (M), of Richmond, Virginia, 
spoke on "Unilateral Bony Orbital In- 
jury Involving the Maxillary Sinus" at 
the Medical Society of Virginia meeting 
in Roanoke on October 7. 

1947 J. Edward Hill (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, delivered a paper on "Urological 
Emergencies" at the Medical Society of 
Virginia meeting in Roanoke. 

John N. Pastore (D), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, is chairman of the representatives 
to the Virginia Council on Health and 
Medical Care for the Virginia State Dental 

Russell E. (P) and Louise F. (P'45) Simp- 
son, Jr., of Virginia Beach, Virginia, an- 
nounce the birth of a second daughter, 
Martha Jane, on February 7. 

1948 Robert Irby (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, in conjunction with Bernard F. Witt- 
kamp, Jr. (M'56) and Elam C. Toone, Jr. 
(M'34), also of Richmond, presented an 
exhibit on "Steroid Cataracts (PSC) in 
Rheumatoid Arthritis." 

1949 Arnold L. Brown, Jr. (M), has been 
advanced to assistant professor of pathol- 
ogy at the Mayo Foundation, Rochester, 

Jean Hayter (N), of Richmond, Virginia, 
attended the research committee meeting 
of the Southern Regional Education Board 
Nursing Project. 

Montague C. Marshall (P), of Hampton, 
Virginia, was elected treasurer of the 
Peninsula Registered Pharmacists Asso- 

1950 M. Lee Baker (P), of Gate City, 
Virginia, is secretary of the Lonesome 
Pine Pharmaceutical Association. 
Thomas E. Bruce, Jr. (P), of Scottsville, 
Virginia, has been chosen secretary-treas- 
urer of the Valley Pharmaceutical Asso- 

William B. Poland, Jr. (P), of Hampton, 
Virginia, was elected vice-president of the 
Peninsula Registered Pharmacists Associa- 

Ray C. Scott (P), of Norfolk, Virginia, has 
been named a member of the board of di- 
rectors of the Tidewater Pharmaceutical 

Walker P. Sydnor (D), of Lynchburg, Vir- 
ginia, is chairman of the council on dental 
health of the Virginia State Dental Asso- 

Eugene V. White (P), of Berryville, \*ir- 
ginia, is the representative to the Virginia 
Pharmaceutical Association council from 


the Xorthern Virginia Pharmaceutical As- 

Hugh O. Wrenn (D), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, is president of the Virginia Ortho- 
donic Society and president-elect of the 
Richmond Dental Society. 

1951 Robert E. Creger (P) lias moved to 
Grottoes, Virginia, where he is associated 
with Gooden Drug Company. 

Harry P. Lewey (P), of Princeton, West 
Virginia, is a council member for the 
Southwest Virginia Pharmaceutical Asso- 

Charles A. Wornom (P), of Hampton, Vir- 
ginia, represents the Peninsula Registered 
Pharmacists Association on the VPA Coun- 

James E. Wotring (M), of Fairvicw, West 
Virginia, has been elected president of the 
Marion County Medical Society. 

1952 Charles F. Fletcher (D), of Alex- 
andria, Virginia, was selected as chairman 
of the dental trade and laboratory rela- 
tions of the Virginia State Dental Asso- 

Powell G. Fox, Jr. (M), of Raleigh, North 
Carolina, is secretary of the Raleigh Acad- 
emy of Medicine. 

Louis R. Wilkerson (M), of Raleigh, North 
Carolina, has been certified by the Amer- 
ican board of obstetrics and gynecology. 

1953 Herman W. Brubaker (M), of Roa- 
noke, Virginia, has been made vice-pres- 
ident of the Williamson Road Lions Club. 
Robert W. Clyburn (P), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, is a member of the board of directors 
of the Tidewater Pharmaceutical Associa- 
tion, as is Ben B. Gee (P), of Chesapeake, 

T. Roy Jarrett (D), of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, is chairman of the advisory com- 
mittee to dental assistants of the Vir- 
ginia State Dental Association. 
V. Eric Kemp, Jr. (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, presented a paper on "A Painless 
and Bloodless Method for Diagnosis of 
Pericardial Effusion" at the Medical Soci- 
ety of Virginia meeting on October 7, in 

James V. Morgan (P), of Gloucester, Vir- 
ginia, was elected president of the Chesa- 
peake Pharmaceutical Association. 
S. Blaine Sturgill (P), of Pound, Virginia, 
was chosen president of the Lonesome Pine 
Pharmaceutical Association. 

1954 Ronald D. Burton (HA) is hospital 
consultant with the Florida State board of 
health, division of hospital and nursing 
homes, in Jacksonville, Florida. 
William C. Combs (P), of Waynesboro, 
Virginia, was installed as vice-president 
of the Valley Pharmaceutical Association. 
He is also the father of a baby girl. 
James V. McKenzie (M), of Charleston, 
West Virginia, presented a paper at the 
scientific session of the West Virginia 
Diabetes Association in Charleston on Sep- 
tember 7. 

Eric A. Windmuller (P), of Newport 
News, Virginia, was elected president of 
the Peninsula Registered Pharmacists As- 

1955 John J. Battaglino, Jr. (M), of Blue- 
field, West Virginia, was awarded the de- 
gree of master of science in obstetrics and 
gynecology from the University of Minne- 
sota in July. He completed his residence 
in his specialty at the Mavo Foundation 
in 1959. 

Charles L. Hite (HA) is now with the 
department of health, education, and wel- 
fare in Charlottesville, Virginia. 


Irvin S. Perry (M) has accepted a fellow- 
ship in chest and infectious diseases at the 
University of North Carolina school of 
medicine at Chapel Hill. 
George S. (M) and May Warren (MT'53) 
Richardson, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 
announce the birth of their second child 
and first daughter, Carol Warren, on 
July 3. Dr. Richardson is completing his 
plastic surgery residency at the Univer- 
sity of Pittsburgh hospitals. 

1956 George N. Calamos (P), of Fred- 
ericksburg, Virginia, was elected vice-pres- 
ident of the Rappahannock Pharmaceutical 

Charles R. Davis (P), of Yorktown, Vir- 
ginia, has been elected vice-president of 
the Chesapeake Pharmaceutical Associa- 

Philip J, Leibowitz (P), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, has been chosen a member of the 
board of directors of the Tidewater Phar- 
maceutical Association. 
J. Marion Woolard, III (D), of Richmond, 
Virginia, is engaged to Elizabeth Row- 
land Smith. 

1957 Burness F. Ansell, Jr. (M), of Char- 
lottesville, Virginia, delivered a paper on 
"Unrecognized Coagulation Defects as a 
Cause of Postoperative Hemorrhage" at 
the Medical Society of Virginia on Oc- 
tober 7. 

Sam W. Crickenberger (P), of Charlottes- 
ville, Virginia, is the newly-elected pres- 
ident of the Valley Pharmaceutical Asso- 

Thomas D. Davis, Jr. (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, presented a paper on "Certain 
Pathophysiologic Principles of Gastric 
Freezing" in conjunction with Otis W. 
Doss, Jr. (M'59), of Richmond, Virginia, 
at the Medical Society of Virginia meet- 
ing on October 7. 

Bruce E. Large (P), of Appalachia, Vir- 
ginia, was installed as the vice-president 
of the Lonesome Pine Pharmaceutical As- 

Thomas A. Walker (M), of Stony Creek, 
Virginia, was appointed to the house staff 
at the North Carolina hospital and the 
Bowman Gray school of medicine. He is 
a resident in obstetrics and gynecology. 

1958 William P. Caldwell (P), of Pulaski, 
Virginia, was elected treasurer of the 
Southwest Virginia Pharmaceutical Asso- 

John M. Miller, Jr. (M), of Charleston, 
South Carolina, is a resident in internal 
medicine and was appointed to the house 
staff of the North Carolina Baptist hos- 
pital and Bowman Gray school of medi- 

E. Eugene Rorrer (D) is practicing den- 
tistry in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 
Gerald L. Selph (P), of Staunton, Vir- 
ginia, is the father of a boy. 

1959 Reuben H. Broaddus, Jr. (M), of 
Ladysmith, Virginia, was married to Judith 
Garland Allen on September 14. 
Douglas H. Clark (P), of Chilhowie, Vir- 
ginia, is the new vice-president and pres- 
ident elect of the Southwest Virginia Phar- 
maceutical Association. 

H. Philip Gibb, Jr. (P), of Roanoke, Vir- 
ginia, and his wife announce the birth of 
their son, H. Phillip. III. 
Charles McDonald Graham, Jr. (M), of 
Richmond, Virginia, is engaged to Lolita 
Jov Smith. 

John E. Foster (P), of Mathews, Virginia, 
has been elected secretary of the Chesa- 
peake Pharmaceutical Association. 

M. F. Jefferson (P), of Winchester, Vir- 
ginia, is the newly-elected president of 
the Northern Virginia Pharmaceutical As- 

Arnauld F. Scafidi (P), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, was married on September 8 to 
Wilma Jean Kriecar in Petersburg. Steph- 
en A. Scafidi (P'61) was best man and 
Hong Woo (M'61), of Richmond, Virginia, 
and Joseph Leo Crosier (M'63), of Peters- 
burg, Virginia, were ushers. 
Catherine Utz (N) has been promoted to 
nursing administration assistant for MCV 
hospital ER-7. 

1960 Jeaneane Haines (PT), of Macon, 
Georgia, was married on August 3 to 
Michael B. Briles, a graduate of Georgia 
Tech in architecture. They will live in At- 
lanta. Mrs. Briles is a physical therapist 
with the Easter Seal Rehabilitation Cen- 
ter there. 

Gustavus V. Jackson, Jr. (M), of Millers 
Tavern, Virginia, was married on Septem- 
ber 14 to Anne Elizabeth Shannon, of 
Richmond, Virginia. Walter H. Graham 
(M'60), of Richmond, Virginia, was an 

Eugene F. Warren (P), of Wytheville, 
Virginia, was chosen secretary of the 
Southwest Virginia Pharmaceutical As- 

1961 Richard K. Ames (D), of Pakokee, 
Florida, and his wife announce the birth 
of their second son, Ramon Anthony, on 
July 2. Their first son, Richard, Jr., is two. 
Edward M. Blackwell (P), of Staunton, 
Virginia, is the father of a boy. 
Mortimer D. Heizer (M), of Newport 
News, Virginia, was presented a certificate 
in training in general practice. He re- 
ceived a $1,000 award last year from^ the 
American Academy of General Practice. 
Kathleen Hinchley (N) has been appointed 
the nurse in charge of the kidney trans- 
plant unit at MCV. 

Bruce A. Ketner (D) has opened his of- 
fice for the practice of dentistry in Ketner 
Center, Salisbury, North Carolina. 
William B. Tanner (P) has purchased 
Willson Brothers Drug Store in Staun- 
ton, Virginia. 

1962 Owen W. Brodie (M) has been as- 
signed to the USAF hospital at Tyndall 
AFB, Florida. 

Clarence L. Clodfelter, Jr. (P), of New- 
port News, Virginia, was elected sergeant 
at arms of the Peninsula Registered Phar- 
macists Association. 

Sara Easley (N) has been appointed to the 
staff of the inservice division at MCV. 
Carl F. Emswiller, Jr. (P), of Berryville, 
Virginia, is the new secretary-treasurer 
of the Northern Virginia Pharmaceutical 

1963 Norwood C. Cardozo (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, was married on August 
3 to Vivian Rowse Hubbard. His best man 
was Britton E. Taylor (M'63), of Charles- 
ton, South Carolina, and among the 
groomsmen were Thomas M. Winn, Jr. 
(M'63), of Covington, Virginia, and John 
David Cronin (M'63), of Richmond, Vir- 

Joseph L. Crosier (M) and his wife, of 
Prince George, Virginia, announce the 
birth of a daughter, Pamela Jean, on 
March 8. 

Charles R. Killingsworth (D) has been 
assigned to Dickerson Air Force Station, 
North Dakota, after completing his orien- 
tation course at Gunter AFB, Alabama. 
John P. Manning (PHD) has been ap- 


pointed assistant professor of anatomy at 
the University of South Dakota. 
Lula Margaret Wampler (N), of Bridge- 
water, Virginia, was married on July 20 
to Robert Kermon Thomason. J. Paul 
Wampler (M'58), of Manassas, Virginia, 
served as one of the ushers. 

Ike Gilcuit 

Kanawha Valley Chapter 

On April 19 the Kanawha Valley 
Chapter of the Alumni Association of 
MCV held its second meeting at the 
Daniel Boone Hotel in Charleston, West 
Virginia. Dr. John Hash (M'39), the 
president, had planned a delightful 
cocktail party and dinner, assisted by the 
secretary-treasurer, Dr. Catherine R. 
Stoeckel (M'42). 

Dr. Hash presided at the meeting with 
his usual graciousness. He introduced Dr. 
Elam L. Toone (M'34), professor of 
medicine at MCV, who told the alumni 
there about the latest developments at 




niurunce Stgencu 

Individual and Commercial 


The Travelers Insurance Co. 
The Travelers Indemnity Co. 

DIAL 353-9461 
Seaboard Building 

the College, and Miss Minnie Franck, 
the executive secretary, who extended an 
invitation to them to attend the reunion. 

Elected to office for the coming year 
were: Dr. Joseph A. Smith (M'50), pres- 
ident; Dr. Carl B. Hall (M'40), vice 
president; and Dr. Catherine R. Stoeckel 
(M'42), secretary-treasurer. 

It is a pleasure to visit with this group 
as their interest and enthusiasm for their 
alma mater are good to behold. 

North Carolina Chapter 

Under the capable leadership of Dr. 
Fletcher L. Raiford (M'41), president 
of the North Carolina Chapter, the medi- 
cal alumni in attendance at the meeting 
of the Medical Society of the State of 
North Carolina had a preliminary elbow 
bending period followed by a delicious 
dinner. There was even a keg of beer 
and music in the background to add to 
the pleasure of those there. Dr. Raiford 
also provided a hospitality room where 
the alumni could gather during the 
breaks in the meeting. 

All in all, it was an enjoyable meeting. 
Dr. W. T. Thompson, Jr. (M'38), repre- 
sented the College and gave a most in- 
formative talk on "People, Places, and 
Things." The executive secretary was also 
in attendance. 

The meeting next year will be in 
Greensboro and to carry on the fine tra- 
ditions of the chapter are Dr. John B. 
Walker, Jr. (M'44), of Burlington, 
North Carolina; Dr. George W. Holmes 
(M'31), of Winston-Salem, North Caro- 
lina; and Dr. Yates S. Palmer (M'31), 
of Valdese, North Carolina. 

Northern Virginia, Washington, 
and Southern Maryland Chapter 

It always falls the lot of the secretary 
of the Northern Virginia, Washington, 
and Southern Maryland Chapter to ar- 
range the meeting for the group. This 
year's secretary, Dr. Glenn M. Spitler 
(D'36), did a splendid job in planning 
the meeting of the chapter on April 
16 at the Army Navy Country Club. A 
fine dinner followed the cocktail party 
and the president of the chapter, Dr. 
Grover Starbuck, introduced the speakers, 
Mr. W. Roy Smith, president of the 
Alumni Association; Dr. Kinloch Nel- 
son, the newly appointed dean of Medi- 
cine; and Dr. Richard L. Simpson, chair- 
man of the crown and bridge depart- 


ment; and the executive secretary. 

Elected to office for the coming year 
were: Dr. John E. Alexander (M'35), 
president; Dr. Glenn M. Spitler (D'36), 
vice president; and Dr. Ralph B. Holmes 
(D'47), secretary; who will do an ex- 
cellent job, we are certain. 

Virginia State Dental Association 

On April 29, alumni of the Medical 
College of Virginia in attendance at the 
Virginia State Dental Association met for 
lunch at the Golden Triangle Motel un- 
der the able chairmanship of Dr. Eddie 
Myers (D'26). Good fellowship pre- 
vailed and Dr. Myers introduced the 
speakers' table who each spoke briefly 
on the aims and achievements of the 
Alumni Association. They were: Dr. John 
M. Hughes (D'08 UCM), who gave the 
invocation; Dr. W. C. Henderson 
(D'37), secretary of the Alumni Asso- 
ciation; Dr. Thomas C. Bradshaw 
(D'35), member of the Board; Dr. John 
B. Todd (D'32), vice president; Dr. 
Hume S. Powell (D'4l), president of 
the Richmond Chapter; Dr. Harry 
Lyons (D'23), dean of dentistry; and the 
executive secretary, who each spoke 

Virginia Pharmaceutical 
Association Luncheon 

Alumni of the College who were at 
the Virginia State Pharmaceutical Asso- 
ciation convention at the Marriott in Ar- 
lington met for luncheon on June 25. 
Mr. R. Reginald Rooke presided at the 
luncheon in his own inimitable way. 
Mr. S. B. Wright gave the invocation 
and Mr. W. Roy Smith, president of the 
Alumni Association spoke to the group 
briefly on the activities of the Alumni 
Association. The executive secretary also 
said a few words. 

West Virginia Chapter 

The West Virginia Chapter of the 
Alumni Association met on August 22 at 
The Greenbrier in conjunction with the 
meeting of the West Virginia State Medi- 
cal Association. Under the able president. 
Dr. Jake Huffman (M'38), and the cap- 
able chairman, Dr. Andy Amick (M'25), 
a goodly number of the loyal MCV 
alumni in West Virginia gathered for 
cocktails. Dr. Kinloch Nelson, the new 


dean of medicine, brought word of the 
activities of the College. Mr. W. Roy 
Smith, president of the Alumni Associa- 
tion, was there to tell the alumni about 
the activities of the Association as well 
as Minnie Franck. What a faithful group 
this is and their devotion to alma mater 
is always an inspiration to those who at- 
tend from Richmond. 

Nominated and elected to the presi- 
dency in the usual fashion was Dr. 
Angelo J. Villani (M'35). We are sure 
from his remarks that he will do a 
splendid job. 

Richmond Chapter 

The Richmond Chapter met on Sep- 
tember 12 at the Barksdale Theater. 
Thanks to Physicians Products, Inc., were 
extended for a delightful cocktail hour. 
The capacity house enjoyed, after dinner, 
the production of "Janus." 

We were so sorry that our president, 
Hume S. Powell (D'4l) and his wife 
were unable to be with us because their 
children were hurt that afternoon in an 
automobile accident. Carl E. Bain (P'51) 
pinch-hit for him. 

Tidewater Chapter 

Dr. James L. Thomson, Norfolk neuro- 
surgeon, was elected president of the 
Tidewater Chapter, Alumni Association 
of the Medical College of Virginia, at the 
affair held at the Lafayette Yacht Club, 

in Norfolk, on September 25. Dr. Harold 
A. Epstein (D'40) was chosen president 
elect, and Bernard Behrman was re- 
elected secretary. Pharmacist David B. 
Schwetz (P'24) was the retiring presi- 
dent. All are from Norfolk. 

From the College and speaking for 
MCV were Dr. Doris B. Yingling, dean 
of nursing; Dr. Elam C. Toone (M.'34), 
professor of medicine; Dr. Milton L. 
Neuroth, professor of pharmacy and 
chairman of the department; and Miss 
Minnie M. Franck, executive secretary of 
the Association. Dr. Eddie Myers (D'26), 
of Norfolk, a member of the Board of 
Visitors of the College, extended dental 
Dean Harry Lyons' regrets. His heavy 
load in Richmond prevented him from 

It was the annual ladies night. A cock- 
tail party and a delicious meal had every- 
one in a good frame of mind and the 
doctors' quartet, styling themselves as The 
Harmones then came on for their songs 
and jokes and had the gathering in 
stitches. Our thanks to the University 
of Virginia alumni in the quartet as 
well as our boys. The Harmones are 
composed of Doctors Robert Gehagan, 
Gervas S. Taylor, Jr. (M'44), Gordon 
F. Harrell (M'44), and Charles E. 
Horton who were making their second 
appearance at this annual affair. 

Doctor Yingling noted that the nursing 
school was the only one at MCV to have 
an increase in enrollment. Two hundred 

and seventy students are in the school of 
nursing and 33 qualified applicants had 
to be turned down. "We need nurses 
and we need them badly," she told the 
alumni and their guests and said it was 
most discouraging that MCV could not 
enroll all of the qualified applicants for 
the nursing school. In a humorous vein 
and with a nice smile, she commented, 
"We have one great problem — the nurses 
marry the medical, dental, and pharmacy 
students — then they help them through 
school." She was very complimentary 
about her faculty. 

Dr. Toone said that Dr. Nelson's ap- 
pointment as dean of the medical school 
was a milestone in the school's history 
and noted that many contributions of 
monies — one of a million dollars — will 
enable the College to make tremendous 
strides in education. 

Dr. Neuroth brought greetings from 
the pharmacy school dean, Dr. Warren 
E. Weaver. He said enrollment was off — 
that there were only 160 students in the 
pharmacy school and the senior class was 
at the low figure of 2 5. He urged the 
assemblage to interest students to take up 
pharmacy as a profession. Several changes 
are taking place in the pharmacy school. 
A senior now can choose electives which 
will train him in the retail field, manu- 
facturing, hospital pharmacy or to do 
graduate work. 

Dr. C. Lydon Harrell (M'09) and Dr. 
Charles C. Smith (MT2, UCM) were 











Packed in new style, new color, boxes of 50 
$3.75 per box (100 lots, less 5%-500 lots less 10%) 

GARRETT & MASSIE, InC, P. 0. Box 1837, Richmond, Va. 23215 



recognized as the oldest alumni at this 

Minnie Franck was here, there, and 
everywhere extending greetings from the 
Association and renewing old acquaint- 

It was a most enjoyable affair and we 
look forward to next year and the annual 

Bernard Behrman. secretary 

Roanoke Chapter 

What a pleasant evening was enjoyed 
by our alumni attending the Medical So- 
ciety of Virginia meeting and the mem- 
bers of the Roanoke Chapter at the Hotel 
Roanoke on October 7. Mr. William 
Reid (HA'52), president of the Roanoke 
Chapter, presided and welcomed the 
group and carried on the rest of the short 
meeting in a most pleasing manner. 

Dr. Custis L. Coleman (M'43m) mem- 
ber of our board of trustees, introduced 
Dr. Miles E. Hench, assistant dean of 
medicine at the College, who gave a well- 
received talk on the problems in the ad- 
mission of medical students and the 
shortage of qualified students. He asked 
for questions from the audience and there 
ensued a most interesting discussion. 

During the usual nice, informal MCV 
way of electing officers, Mr. Wallace S. 
Klein (P'51) was chosen president of 
the Roanoke Chapter; Dr. Homer Bartley 
(M'36), president-elect; and Mrs. Eliza- 
beth L. Sibley (N'49) was re-elected sec- 
retary-treasurer of the Roanoke Chapter. 

We are most grateful to the Roanoke 
Chapter and its officers for their coopera- 
tion in this venture of combining these 
meetings. Their help was invaluable. 

faculty (sltanGes 

indicates as alumnus of MCV 

During the months of April through 
September, there were new appointments 
as follows: 

Dr. William F. Collins, Jr., professor of 
neurological surgery and chairman of 
the division of neurological surgery 

Dr. John P. DaVanzo, lecturer in phar- 

Mrs. Jean Dickinson, clinical instructor 
in physical therapy 


*Dr. Gerald Alan Gildersleeve, assis- 
tant professor of radiology 

Dr. Ali A. Hossaini, assistant professor 
of clinical pathology 

Dr. Heinz H. Karnitschnig, assistant pro- 
fessor of pathology 

*Dr. Natalie Inge Lum, clinical instruc- 
tor in pediatrics. 

*Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire, Jr., clin- 
ical instructor in surgery 

Miss Betty Joyce Moore, assistant profes- 
sor of nutrition 

*Dr. Perry Franklin Mullinax, Jr., assist- 
ant professor of medicine 

Dr. John B. Redford, professor of phys- 
ical medicine and rehabilitation and 
chairman of the department 

Dr. Sam N. Rizkalla, research associate 
in urology 

Dr. Jerome H. Sacks, instructor in sur- 

Mr. James F. Stubbins, assistant profes- 
sor of pharmaceutical chemistry 

*Dr. Percy Wooton, clinical instructor 
in medicine 

Dr. George Richard Abbott, assistant pro- 
fessor of legal medicine 

*Dr. Jack Preston Andrews, clinical in- 
structor in pediatrics 

Dr. Robert H. Armstrong, assistant pro- 
fessor of radiology 

*Mrs. Alice Burford Booth, instructor in 

Dr. Jack Denning Burke, associate pro- 
fessor of physiology 

Dr. Grimaldo Carvalho, assistant profes- 
sor of surgical pathology 

Dr. Louis W. Conway, assistant profes- 
sor of neurosurgery 

Miss Mary E. Coulson, assistant profes- 
sor of nursing 

*Dr. William D. Covington, instructor in 
operative dentistry 

Dr. Franklin Davis, instructor in path- 

Dr. Pearl B. Diana, instructor in psychia- 
try (psychology) 

Dr. John Frederic Edland, fellow in 
legal medicine 

*Dr. Francis J. Filipowicz, instructor in 
oral pathology and dental research 

Dr. Donald Stuart Gann, instructor in 

Dr. Enrique Gerszten, instructor in path- 

*Dr. Robert W. Goode, instructor in 
operative dentistry 

*Dr. Charles McDonald Graham, in- 
structor in obstetrics and gynecology 

Dr. William D. Groman, assistant profes- 
sor of psychology 

*Dr. Gordon A. Hearne, instructor in 
operative dentistry 

Mrs. Charlotte A. Higgs, research asso- 
ciate (instructor) 

*Mr. Norman L. Hilliard, instructor in 

Dr. Leonard S. Kaplow, assistant profes- 
sor of pathology 

Dr. Heinz H. Karnitschnig, assistant 
clinical professor of legal medicine 

Dr. John F. Kendrick, assistant clinical 
professor of surgery (neurosurgery) 

*Dr. Murad Kerneklian, instructor in 
oral diagnosis and therapeutics 

Dr. Edward Samuel Kline, assistant pro- 
fessor of biochemistry 

Dr. Hyung Mo Lee, instructor in surgery 

*Dr. Jack A. Menius, visiting instructor 
in pedodontics 

*Dr. Joseph H. Morgan, instructor in 
operative dentistry and oral anatomy 

Miss Elizabeth C. Morrow, assistant pro- 
fessor of adult education and assistant 
dean of students 

Dr. Irene Nakoneczna, instructor in 

Dr. Marcus Pinson Neal, Jr., associate 
professor of radiology 

Dr. William Mayo Oppenhimer, clini- 
cal instructor in obstetrics and gyne- 

Mr. Edward Harden Peeples, Jr., instruc- 
tor in sociology 

Dr. Carlos Pinto, fellow in legal medi- 

*Dr. David G. Shannon, instructor in 
operative dentistry 

Miss Mary Patricia Small, assistant pro- 
fessor of nursing 

*Dr. John M. Sutherland, instructor in 
operative dentistry 

Mr. Robert Tomchick, instructor in bio- 

*Dr. Marvin F. West, instructor in crown 
and bridge prosthodontics 

*Dr. William C. Williams, instructor in 

*Dr. Wallace R. Wooles, instructor in 

*Dr. Alvin Martin Zfass, instructor in 


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Return Requested 

Hr. Julian D. Sanger 
4304 Pocahontas Ave. 
Richmond 21, Va. 




Richmond, Virginia 
Permit No. 761 

Uhe C^adu l/Uau 

2>o DL WoM 

insure Christmas delivery, we must have chair orders by November 27. 



GMSSfS WITH MCV SEAL ETCHED Isold only in doz 

4'/i oz. Stem Cocktail Glasses 


(also suitable for wine) 

7'/ 2 oz. Old Fashion Glasses 


10'/ 2 oz. Highball Glasses 

6 50 

New Item— 5 1 /, oz. Brandy Snifters 

10 00 


Side Chair, Black with MCV Seal in Gold $19.25 
Arm Chair, Black with MCV Seal in Gold 30.00 
(Same with cherry arms) 31.00 

Order from The Alumni Association of MCV 
1 105 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia 

Desk Basket, Picture— Wood Memorial 

Building $2.75 

(Black, Green, Maroon) 

You may send a gift card to be enclosed or we will do that, too 

We pay shipping charges on all items except the chair. 
50$ extra west of Mississippi.